The Hottest Pool Trends for Summer 2020

Summer 2020 is heating up and so are this season’s pool trends. If you’ve started designing your dream pool, or are even considering a pool project in the near future, you’ll want to be paying attention to the new and emerging trends that could help take your pool to the next level. Take a look as we “dive” into more detail on five of the top pool trends we’re seeing designed into all sorts of swimming pools this summer.

Unique Textures

This year is the time to take chances and try new and interesting textures for the finish of your swimming pool. For custom gunite swimming pools, a huge advantage is that you can select exactly the texture you want for your swimming pool. Some people love an extremely smooth and soft surface that glides under their feet as they swim. While others enjoy a more textured finish where you can feel the variations of the smooth pebbles embedded into the gunite. Best of all, there is no wrong choice. If you’re currently building a swimming pool, or dreaming of doing so, be sure to ask your pool company about all of your options because there may be more out there than you think!

Darker Pool Hues

Another popular trend this summer is designing pools with darker tones of finish. Why you might ask? There are several benefits to doing this. First, the darker colors helps your pool water to warm faster and to stay warm. It also hides minor dirt and debris better than a very light finish where nearly everything shows. Finally, it creates a natural, lagoon-like pool that blends in well especially here in Central Pennsylvania, with the natural colors of our lakes and creeks. Keep in mind that whatever color you choose will always look darker in the shade and lighter in the sun. This is why it’s so important to try out your samples in both types of settings.

Natural Entries and Stairs

Another hot feature for new pools this summer is incorporating natural entries and stairs so that you don’t have to have ladders or other means to enter the pool that can disrupt the design. Stairs and slopes that are naturally incorporated in your custom gunite swimming pool can really give it that “wow” factor and make it feel like a resort. Best of all, these features require little to no maintenance, unlike ladders which can rust or become broken over time. If you’re thinking of building a swimming pool, be sure to talk to your pool company about options for built-in stairs and slopes to achieve this great look.

Different Levels of Hardscaping

Another great trend we’re seeing this summer is varying level of hardscaping in the backyard. This allows for the hardscaping design to work with the natural elevation of your property without too much additional excavation, beyond what you’re already doing with your pool project. Better yet, the different levels of hardscaping really help to separate your spaces so that they can feel private and be used for different activities. For example, an upper level to your patio might be better suited for sitting or dining. Whereas a lower patio right near your pool is great for lounging and sunbathing. Plus, the stone stairs and landscaping you use to connect the spaces will create a stunning first impression for guests.

Shade and Shelter

And for our favorite trend of summer 2020, it’s shade and shelter features. It gets hot here during the summer in Central Pennsylvania! Come late July we can expect temperatures to rise as high as into the 100s. One of the best things a pool owner can do is to consider incorporating an element of shade or shelter such as a pergola or pool house. These can range from a full on house-like feature, or be kept simple with a wooden frame that ivy can grow on for shade. Choose what best fits your lifestyle and budget. We promise, come those dog days of summer, you won’t regret it!

Which of these pool trends would you want to see incorporated into your dream pool? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

How to Enjoy the Outdoors While Social Distancing

Earlier this month, Pennsylvania’s Governor ordered a stay-at-home mandate through the end of April to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus through social distancing. People are instructed to only travel for necessary and life-sustaining needs like groceries and medical appointments.

Fortunately, this stay-at-home order allows and encourages people to get outside for fresh air, exercise, and activities. However, people should stay within a 15 minute distance of their home when walking, biking, hiking, etc. As you can imagine, this has us all feeling like we’re in a bit of a glass cage right now. Especially for larger families or those with active children, getting outside is essential for burning off energy.

No matter what type of outdoor space is available to you – big or small, full of entertainment or simply an open lawn, there are a lot of opportunities to find fun in these challenging times. Take a look as we offer some ideas for enjoying the outdoors while social distancing.

Outdoor Family Workouts

You don’t have to be a fitness instructor or athlete to start partaking in outdoor family workouts. Best of all you can get in a great workout with little to no equipment, especially if you can make use of your outdoor space. Head to an open part of your yard, or driveway and make a game out of various exercise moves. Push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, sprints, lunges, frog hops, burpees, and so much more can be combined with a quick and fun workout geared toward all abilities.

Fun with Water

Spring is here and days are already starting to feel like summer. Before we know it, we’re going to need a way to stay cool in the heat. With the unknown of whether public pools will be open this season, having your own swimming pool is now that much more awesome. There are endless ways to make use of your swimming pool all throughout the summer, and especially in quarantine. Don’t have a pool? No worries. If you have a baby pool, garden hose, a few buckets, and maybe a piece of tarp laying around you can quickly create your own mini waterpark which will add some cool (and comic) relief to a hot and sunny afternoon.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for the whole family. Think of your property and what you’re most likely to find, obvious and no so obvious, then create your “hunt” list. Rather than making people pick up and carry around whatever they find, have them take photo evidence with their phones. Then you can compare pictures and tally up points. Beyond searching for objects, make it a challenge of who can get photos in certain poses or at certain places on your property. If you get creative, this can give you hours of fun.

Nature Spotting

Once you’re tired out from all the walking, hiking, biking, swimming, and whatever else you find yourself doing outside during quarantine, take a seat – outside of course. Then, sit still and quiet and write down everything you see and hear. If you pay close attention you’re likely to see and hear things you wouldn’t have otherwise. Try doing this a few times each week to see how sights and sounds change as spring progresses into summer. You’ll view the world in a whole new way.

Corona Olympics

So the 2020 summer Olympics were postponed, but that’s all the more reason to host your own “Corona Olympics.” Think of obstacles and activities you can set up outside and assign a point system. Get inspired by real summer Olympic activities (within reason of course). If you have a pool, there are a ton of competitions you can create from this alone. Even if you just have a driveway or small outdoor space, think of track and field activities. And you certainly don’t have to stick to real Olympics events. Get creative and have fun! Most importantly, make sure you create something you can use for your gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Imaginary Amusement Park

This final idea is an especially fun one for kids (of all ages). Take a seat outside in your lawn, or on your back deck. Regardless of how big your yard is, let the sky be the limit. Take a pen and paper and have everyone in your family sketch out what their dream amusement park would look like if they could create one right next to the house. Who can build the coolest coaster? Who can come up with the most exciting layout? Once everyone’s done, lay them out and compare the pieces you like most from each version. For bonus points, collaborate on combining your favorite elements into one final version that you can share in coloring. This will be a keepsake you’ll want to hang on to for years to come.

From everyone at Aquavisions, we hope you are staying safe and well during these extremely challenging times. While we all work to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19, we know there is still much joy to be found in simple moments with family like the ones we’ve outlined above.

How are you planning to enjoy the outdoors while social distancing this spring, and possibly into summer? Share your creative ideas by commenting below!

Summer 2020: There's never been a better time to have a swimming pool

With the start of a new decade, it’s safe to say we all had a bright outlook on what 2020 would bring. What any of us could not possibly have anticipated was a spring and (now possibly) summer spent in quarantine with kids out of school a whole 2+ months early.

With all that has transpired, our expectations of summer 2020 have also changed. On the bright side, there are still so many things to look forward to, and one of those is the start of swim season. As pools begin to open throughout this month and into next, let’s take a look at just a few reasons why those who have access to a pool this summer will be feeling particularly grateful.

Reason #1 There's Never Been a More Acceptable Time to Open Early

2020 will certainly be a memorable year for many reasons. For the swimming pool industry, we will forever remember this as the year a record number of pool owners chose to open their pools as early as March. You heard that right! In Pennsylvania, we very well could expect snow through April, yet with COVID-19 shutting down everything from government and schools to churches and parks, no one wants to take the chance that their swimming pool may not have the help of a professional pool company, like Blue Diamond Pool Services, to make sure it's ready for swim season. We get it - and we're ready to serve!

Reason #2 Public Pools and Lakes Could Look a Lot Different This Summer

We know that the Governor’s stay-at-home order will go to the end of April, with many speculating it will continue well beyond that. If that does become the case, May and June will be particularly trying months as people long for outdoor activities beyond walking and sitting outside. For those who normally utilize a public pool or lake to stay cool in the summer, it’s hard to say if these will still open on time, or at all, given the importance of social distancing. So, those who have a private pool in their backyard are particularly fortunate going into summer 2020.

Reason #3 Swimming in the Summer Never Goes Out of Style

With the start of each new swim season, when the covers come off pools and they’re cleaned and filled to perfection, it’s like a whole new world has opened before you. It’s hard to remember when you last swam (even if it was just last fall) and you can’t wait to jump in. Having a swimming pool this summer gives you guaranteed access to long, sunny days filled with splashing, floating, and lounging.

Reason #4 It’s a Silver Lining of Quarantine and Working from Home

Right about now, especially with the announcement of schools closing for the school year, families with swimming pools are really excited they can spread out a bit more in the coming months, while still adhering to the stay-at-home order. The only downside is that those of us still trying to work-from-home will be that much more tempted to take a Zoom call from a raft, or pack it up early to join the rest of the family by the pool. Everything in moderation, even moderation!

Reason #5 It’s Great Form of Exercise Right at Home

With more than a month under our belts in quarantine, we can all feel the effects of getting a bit stir crazy or bored with our at-home workouts. With a swimming pool, you can exercise outdoors, in the sun, while still staying cool. And it adds a great variation to all those walks and runs. And for people with joint or back issues, swimming is low impact and great for all abilities. So for those with a swimming pool this summer, be sure to make use of this great exercise option before you resort to the raft or lounge chair.

Things are bound to look a lot different for all of us this summer to various degrees. For those who already have a swimming pool in their backyard, we’re certain you’ll be feeling extra grateful to have this outlet with schools closing early and working from home. We hope you make the most of it, and use this extra family time to make some great memories!

Regardless of whether you have a swimming pool or not, what are something things you are looking forward to experiencing this summer? Tell us in the comments below.

Unique Pool Houses Designed to Inspire

Throughout our years of building custom gunite swimming
pools in Central Pennsylvania, we have seen a good number of pool houses
incorporated into the backyard design. Every pool house serves a unique purpose
for the people and families who plan to use the pool on a regular basis.

For some, it’s all about function and convenience. A nearby
bathroom and changing room, space to store snacks and drinks, and the ability
to lounge near the pool, but in the comfort of shade all are hot selling
points. But in addition to function, some pool owners look to design a pool
house that aims to add a “wow” factor – something that makes the space perfect
for entertaining crowds both large and small.

Take a look as we examine the design and function of four Aquavisions pool projects that happen to include some very unique pool houses. And a big thank you to Gary Knaub, owner of Fine Art Photo in Lemoyne, for his excellent photography work!

#1 Natural Beauty

This natural feeling, open-air pool house hits the right balance of shade and solitude while still feeling accessible to the pool and a part of the backyard entertaining area. Though you are just mere steps away from the pool and the main house, this pool house is a cabin-like retreat that calls in you and invites you to stay a while.

#2 Better Than a Resort

I think most of us would be content to call this pool house home, at least during the summer months in Pennsylvania! You can only appreciate its full beauty once you’re inside and looking up at its intricate peaked ceilings made entirely of wood and with up-lighting to perfect the ambiance. Imagine the smell of the steak on the grill, the warmth of the fireplace, and the sights and sounds of this colorful pool and water features in the evening!

#3 Statement Piece

This pool house draws you in from the moment you first enter the backyard space. When’s the last time you’ve seen a pool house with wainscoting and ceilings with beam detailing? The colors and décor makes it feel both sophisticated and inviting. The best part? You don’t have to choose between a fireplace and a television – here you have both!

#4 Margaritaville, Pennsylvania

This pool and pool house is Jimmy Buffet approved. Well, not officially but one look at the swim up bar with built in bar stools and you’ll see what we mean. The sunken living room and open air grilling space should provide anyone who loves to entertain with some major inspiration for their own outdoor space.

If you could design
your dream backyard space, would it include a pool and pool house? What special
features would be most important to you? We can help you explore all your
options and bring your dream space to life. Contact us today to get started!

What You Need to Know About Building an Indoor Pool

When a homeowner wants to build
an indoor pool (especially in the Northeast), it’s often so that they can enjoy
it year-round. And that might be a good reason to do it, especially if the
client is a competitive swimmer or training enthusiast.

Other times, it is for health or
therapy reasons since swimming offers a low impact and buoyant exercise that is
good for the joints. Additionally there are all sorts of different specialized
equipment for underwater exercise including treadmills, pull up bars, and swim
jets where you swim against a current of water.


The biggest difference in doing a
pool indoors as compared to outdoors is the need for dehumidification systems
to “treat” the room. Moisture and interior surface materials (drywall, wood,
insulation, etc.) typically don’t interact well!

It is imperative to hire a good
HVAC company and designer to ensure that the moisture in the room is being
addressed. Windows will need air returned onto them to prevent condensation and
fogging, air handling units need to take moisture out of the air, and the
heating/cooling system will need to interact with the pool water temperature to
make sure that the room itself doesn’t feel like a rainforest.

The contractor that is building
the structure around the pool should also help provide guidance on finish
materials that are suitable for wet conditions. Because of the complexity
created by all of these moving parts, it is important to hire an experienced
pool construction firm that is comfortable working with timeframes and
schedules of other contractors involved in the project.

Impact on Project Cost and Timeline

The pool will be one of the first
things started on the project but, will be the last to finish since adding
water to the pool is the final piece. There is typically not a large change in
how much the pool will cost compared to an outdoor pool. The big difference is
what you will need to spend on the dehumidification system of the room itself.

Don’t skimp on this system! Protect your investment and make sure that your system will keep the room comfortable and your materials protected. Also, indoor pools are generally smaller than outdoor pools. Because of the cost associated with the actual room construction and dehumidification systems required, the room size will dictate the pool size.

Experienced with Indoor Pools

Aquavisions has had the pleasure
of completing several indoor pool projects for clients over the years. One of
our most recent projects is a small to mid-sized pool as part of a new home
construction. The house is located on a unique lot that overlooks a famous
Pennsylvania trout stream in the State College area. The slopes and elevations
of the terrain, along with the water table elevation required the services of a
commercial construction company to build the foundation(s) of the home.

Once the foundations were in
place, Aquavisions came in and installed the concrete pool shell within those
foundation walls. The end product allows the clients to gaze out of their
windows (while swimming in their pool!) and enjoy the view of the tumbling
stream beyond. As part of the building process, the home builder had to build a
bracing structure within our pool shell and constructed an entire floor OVER
our pool so that they could continue to work on the rest of the home. Then we
came back, peeled that floor away, and completed the indoor pool project. It
was quite a magnificent end product!

If you would like more information about building an indoor pool, or
any pool, contact Aquavisions today
to start a conversation.

A Creative Way to Make an Infinity Edge Beautiful and Functional

You may think that the infinity edge feature is reserved for the pools you see sitting atop a fancy hotel in Los Angeles where the water appears to run right over the edge. Or maybe you’ve enjoyed a pool with this feature while on vacation where the infinity edge appeared to drop off into another body of water like a lake or the ocean. While these are all excellent uses for an infinity edge, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not limited to using this feature only when you have a steep drop off near another body of water. 

In this unique project, we want to showcase how we built a custom pool to include not only an infinity edge, but one that includes a second lower pool all its own. There were several reasons why this became the dream design for our client. Foremost, they wanted to find a way to work with a challenging slope in their backyard while enhancing the aesthetics of their pool. They also desired a separate pool space that felt more intimate and secluded. Finally, their property is along the Yellow Breeches, and they wanted to find a way to incorporate the sound of running water to reflect the sound of the creek. 

Take a look at how we were able to accommodate all of these wishes by incorporating an infinity edge feature into their pool design. 

Working with the grade of the landscape.

This particular project presented the challenge of a sloped landscape that would require some substantial excavation and regrading to make it level for a swimming pool. The property was known to have limestone underground, so there would be the risk of hitting rock if we did any major excavating. It would also add to the cost of the project, more so than starting on fairly level land. 

The alternate option we recommended to this client was designing the pool with an infinity edge to work with the existing grade of the property as much as possible. The infinity edge accommodates a slope by allowing for an exposed wall and for the water to run over the edge into a catch basin. The end result is not just a solution to the grading challenge, it’s an outstanding feature that greatly enhances the aesthetics and wow factor of the pool.

Enhanced aesthetics. 

To dive a little deeper into the enhance aesthetics of this pool, the infinity edge and the lower catch base, as well as various areas of exposed sides of the pool were all finished with natural limestone. We recommended using natural stone over a veneer to ensure that as water runs over the edge of the pool, deterioration or a buildup of salt residue would not be an issue. Natural stone is far better at holding up to this daily wear and tear. 

The stone was selected to perfectly blend with the house’s existing stone finishes, and gave a nod back to the area that is known for its limestone. When standing at the lower end of the pool, you can see how the many layers of stone and hardscaping create a stunning backyard scape that certainly grabs your attention. 

Filtration and Function. 

Many people don’t fully understand how the hydraulics and filtration systems for these magnificent looking features work.  And they shouldn’t really need to! It is the job of the pool professional to understand and design the system to meet all pool and spa codes along with meeting expectations from the client on how things look and will operate. 

Keeping the correct amount of water moving and circulating between the main pool and the catch pool below can be tricky depending on what you are trying to accomplish. As the water from the “upper” pool spills over the edge to the “lower” catch pool, leaves and debris will spill over with it.  A well designed hydraulic system will incorporate a pump and filter for this lower pool to ensure that it stays clean. In this particular job, we installed variable speed pumps, cartridge filters and tied the plumbing system into a pool heater so that the water is sanitized and crystal clear as well as heated!  The water then returns to the main “upper” pool via fittings in the pool floor to create the overflowing edge. By returning the heated water to the floor of the pool we ensure efficient heating as well as a water surface that doesn’t show “ripples”, giving the glass like appearance that clients find desirable in vanishing edge designs.

Two separate and functional swimming areas.

What’s most unique about this particular pool is that the client wanted to make the lower basin, which is typically a slender catch basin, into a fully functional second swimming area. Because we custom design each and every one of our pools, we were happy to accommodate this special request. More than just an additional swimming area, the lower basin includes several jets to give it a spa-like feel. The end result was two pools in one, each with a very different feel and view. For a family with small children, this is an ideal setup where the kids can enjoy splashing in the upper pool while the adults enjoy calmer waters in the lower pool, along with the soothing sound of the infinity edge’s waterfall. 

Have you ever envisioned building a swimming pool that includes an infinity edge feature? We can help you explore all the possibilities! Contact us today so we can start a conversation

Benefits of Having a Sun Deck or Tanning Ledge in Your Gunite Swimming Pool

You may hear them referred to as a
sun deck or a tanning ledge. No matter what you choose to call this trendy pool
feature that’s being incorporated into more and more pool designs, one thing is
for certain – you’re going to love the benefits it provides!

In all of our years of building
custom gunite swimming pools, we have never come across two clients who use
their pool in the exact same way. Even within a single family there will be
many types of swimmers and sunbathers who value different aspects of their pool
design. What sun decks and tanning ledges provide is versatility. So whether
you like to be active in your pool, jumping and splashing around, or you prefer
a calm and relaxing atmosphere to read and soak up the sun, you’ll be
interested to learn that the sun deck will quickly become a fan favorite for
swimmers of all ages and energy levels. Here’s why.

Feel refreshed without having to dive in.

Sometimes you want to feel quickly
refreshed without having to commit to going “all in.” With a sun deck, you have
the best of both worlds because you can wade in about one foot of water and
instantly feel refreshed, while still staying mostly dry. It also creates a
nice space to gather with friends, feet dangling in water. Since sun decks are
usually in a curved shape, it creates a comfortable conversation nook.

Stationary sun bathing.

Laying on a raft in your pool,
drink in hand and blue skies above sounds like most people’s definition of a
day in paradise. But if we’re being honest, rafts can get a little awkward to
get on and off of. It can also be uneasy not knowing where you’re floating off
to, if you doze off. The solution? The sun deck. With just the right amount of
water to keep your lower half cool, while still getting to soak up the sun, you
can fully relax without a care in the world.

The perfect depth for your younger swimmers.

Let’s not forget the kids! Keeping
kids safe in the water is our highest priority, and the sun deck gives us just
one more way to do so. With water just about as deep as a kiddie pool, but with
much more room to play, the sun deck allows tiny swimmers to splash around and
play in a comfortable depth of water. Of course swim vests are still required
since the deeper parts of the pool are accessible from the sun deck.

Cool down with both shade and water.

We saved the best feature for last,
and that’s because it becomes just about everyone’s favorite place to be on the
hottest summer days. We build sun decks with the capability to hold a patio
umbrella. This creates a space that has both shade and water for the ultimate
cool down. Take a seat and take a load off!

If your pool had a sun deck or tanning ledge, which one of
these benefits do you think you’d enjoy the most?

Leave a comment below to let us know if this
pool feature will make it to your wish list!

5 Swimming Pool Trends That are Taking the Summer by Storm

5Summer 2019 is heating up! And with the new season right around the corner, so are the new pool trends you’ll start to see guiding the design of pool construction and renovation. These trends go beyond the obvious or expected and take things to the next level by using new technology and design to incorporate elements that are both stylish and functional. Let’s take a look at what we predict to be the top five swimming pool trends to take this summer by storm.

1. Integrated Structures
One of the most increasingly popular requests we receive from clients has been incorporating shade or shelter structures within the surrounding pool area. This includes pergolas, gazebos, pool cabanas, shade sails, and the like. Not only do these integrated structures increase the aesthetics of the space, they also serve an important function of keeping guests dry from a passing rain storm or providing the relief of shade on a hot summer day.

Aquavisions Creates Custom Gunite Spa with Outdoor Living Area

2. Natural Lighting Elements

While there will always be a need for traditional and LED lights around a pool area, more and more pool owners are incorporating natural lighting elements, like fire, into their pool designs. Fire elements are a great way to add light, ambiance and heat all at the same time. Fire pits and fireplaces can be built into the hardscaping surrounding the pool, or elements like fire bowls can be placed right near the edge of the pool to create an inviting and luxe atmosphere.

3. Contrasting Finishes

Dare to be different! This is a theme we are seeing more and more of these days. Pool owners are choosing to incorporate contrasting finishes within their pool and hardscaping to create defined spaces and to accentuate features. If you’re designing or renovating a pool this summer and get to choose new finishes, keep in mind that not everything needs to match perfectly. While everything should fall within a defined color palette, you have the freedom to choose various sizes, colors and finishes of tiles and pavers for your pool area. You can also use contrasting banding to add an artistic element to your space while defining its shape.

4. Stone Elements

Another trend we’re seeing is stone finishes. This includes hardscaping as well as the pool itself. For pools with exposed edges, natural or veneer stone can be used to cover the exposed part of the pool. The result is a beautiful, high-end finish that delivers that “wow” factor to your pool area. The color, size, and pattern of stone you use can have a profound impact on the overall design of your pool.

5. Investing in Long-Term Value

One more important trend to note is investing in elements that add long-term value to a pool. The more you can prioritize designing a pool that is well equipped to maintain its functionality and beauty, the happier you will be with the end result. It’s so important to not cut corners on things like your filtration system, heat system, or finishes. Once you go through all the effort of building a pool, you’re going to want to have it last as long as possible with as little maintenance as possible. Investing in quality now, will give you year and years of through relaxation and enjoyment.

One more thing to note…

this is not a “trend” because it is and should be standard, pool safety
features have also come a long way thanks to new technology entering the market.
Door and gate alarms can be set to audibly alert the pool owner if they are
home, while also alerting them on their mobile device in case they are not.
This way you are always aware of someone entering or existing your pool area.

in-water surveillance systems are designed to continuously monitor what’s going
on in your pool. If it detects a “struggle” in the water, it immediately alerts
the pool owner or can be set to contact 9-1-1. These are just a few of the many
products now on the market that pool owners are incorporating into their pool
designs to provide peace of mind while keeping swimmers safe.

When it comes to building a custom gunite
swimming pool, you have a ton of features, finishes and design options available
to you that can allow you to truly create the pool of your dreams, with very
few limitations. This list only begins to scratch the surface of the up and
coming pool trends that are making waves in 2019. Are you ready to being
designing your backyard paradise? Let’s talk!

Which one of these pool
trends is your favorite? Or is there another trend you’d like to see added to
this list? Share what you think by leaving a comment below!

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Swimming Pool

It’s hard to imagine that there are truly “bad” swimming pool trends or designs that could offset the luxury and convenience (not to mention fun!) of owning your own swimming pool. And in our experience, there are not that many at all! We live by the philosophy of “to each their own.” That’s the beauty of being a custom pool design company. Every client and every pool is unique – as it should be. What one person may love in a pool, may not be the other person’s cup of tea, and that’s quite alright.

Instead, we wanted to take a humorous approach as to how you essentially can’t go wrong with your pool design, so long as you are using quality materials and working with an experienced and professional pool company. So what are the four swimming pool mistakes you should avoid at all costs? Take a look!

  1. Copying someone else’s pool – exactly.

Foremost, where’s the fun in this? The whole concept of choosing a custom pool company is the ability to custom design your very own swimming pool, one that is unlike anything anyone else has! While it’s perfectly fine, and often helpful to show your pool company pictures of other pools you admire and may want to pull design elements from, you should want to have a truly custom design. Second, every backyard is unique in its size, shape, slope and view. How someone else’s pool fits on their property will not be how your pool fits on yours. All the more reason to embrace the flexibility and creativity of a custom pool design!

  1. Choosing short-term solutions.

The next mistake is choosing short-term solutions in an effort to save on cost or time, and as a result you set yourself up for higher maintenance or increased costs down the road. Sure, you can technically skimp on some technical aspects of your swimming pool, but you will only be shooting yourself in the foot. If you don’t install an adequate filtration system, guess who will have to make up for the slack? You will through more manual labor! It’s so important to properly budget for long-term, common sense solutions and technologies for your pool, to make pool ownership a joy and convenience long-term.

  1. Favoring glitz over function.

It’s so tempting to want to spend a large portion of your pool budget on features and finishes that provide that “wow” factor. And there’s no problem with doing so unless you then have to sacrifice function. Whenever you are making a design decision on your pool, whether it be its shape, size, depth, finish, and the list goes on, make sure you are also asking yourself (and your pool company), could this negatively impact the functionality of the pool. For example, if you’re not prepared for your electric bill to double due to the cost of maintaining and heating your pool and adjoining hot tub all summer (and possibly spring and fall), then you may wish to scale back on the depth or square footage to create a smaller pool.

  1. Not going with your gut instinct.

No matter how you slice it, building a residential swimming pool is a large project. There are many decisions you’ll need to make starting with what pool company you choose to bring your vision to life. The biggest mistake a potential pool owner can make is not listening to their gut instinct when it tells you what pool company will be the best fit, what budget is most reasonable for you right now, what design and finishes you should select, and countless other examples. Every step of the way you should be listening to these instincts and communicating them with your spouse or anyone else involved in your pool building project. To ensure you are fully happy with the finished project, your gut will almost always lead you in the right direction.

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The Best Pool Trends We Expect to See in 2019

It’s time to start getting excited about the new trends in swimming pool design and accessories that 2019 will bring! With the rapid growth of technology and ever-expanding ideas, the options are truly endless. However, there are a few trends we’ve spotted that we expect to really take off this year. Learn what they are and why you might want to incorporate them into your new or existing swimming pool. Take a look!

Aquavisions Creates Custom Gunite Spa with Outdoor Living Area

  1. Built-In Ledges and Bars

Swimming pools aren’t just for swimming anymore. They’re for lounging and socializing. If you want to relax in your pool, you’re no longer limited to sitting on the edge or floating around on a raft. By incorporating built-in ledges you can place lounge chairs right in your pool on a sun-deck. You can also put benches and bar stools in your pool for social seating. One major benefit of choosing a custom gunite swimming pool is that you have endless options for built-in ledges and bars. You can select exactly the size and quantity you want to fit your pool’s design - and your lifestyle.

  1. Smart Lighting

Another big trend that will continue in 2019 is the use of smart lighting within and around your pool. For decades people have been incorporating lighting into their pools and hardscaping designs, however with new technology this lighting is being taken to a whole new level. You’re no longer limited to one color or brightness. And you have a lot more options than manually hitting an “on” switch. Most lighting can now be completely customized, day-by-day, through an app on your phone that allows you to set the color, brightness and timing of your pool lights. This trend is sure to wow guests, while making your pool feel like a completely new space each time you change your lighting.

  1. Dark Interior Pool Finishes

Dark interior pool finishes all are the craze as people are drawn to the serene, lagoon-like setting it creates. Combine the dark finish with rock features and a natural waterfall, and you have your very own piece of paradise in your backyard. Another added benefit of a dark interior pool finish is that it attracts and retains heat better than a lighter finish, helping to lower your pool heating costs. Not to mention, minor dirt and debris doesn’t stand out near as much as it would on a lighter finish.

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  1. Features to Reduce Energy and Maintenance

Now more than ever, people want to reduce the energy consumption and maintenance requirements of their swimming pool. Achieving this will save you both time and money – plus it’s a bit more eco-friendly! Another swimming pool trend we expect to see in 2019 is investing in automated and efficient cleaning and filtration systems. Also, selecting the appropriately sized pump to accommodate your pool – neither too big nor too small. While this trend requires somewhat of an upfront investment, the long-term payoff is substantial. Additionally, saltwater pools continue to grow in popularity, which also goes hand-in-hand with achieving a lower maintenance swimming pool.

  1. Shallow-Depth Pools

Think of most swimming pools that you’ve been in. It’s likely they have had a shallow end and a deep end. Well, the new trend for 2019 is a shallow-depth pool. Why? Several reasons. First, people who enjoy exercising or playing water sports in their pool are better accommodated by a shallow-depth pool. Additionally, this is a way to reduce excavation and construction costs. You’ll want to carefully consider your lifestyle and how you intend to use your pool before jumping on this trend. But if it fits the bill, this could be a great design for you!

  1. Luxury Finishes

One final trend that we expect to gain momentum in 2019 is the use of luxury finishes. People have realized they’re by no means limited when it comes to finishes, especially when working with a custom gunite swimming pool. There are beautiful finishes in a wide variety of colors and textures to cover the concrete. Additionally gunite pools allow for stunning tile work around the water’s edge. Then, you benefit from high-quality coping around the pool, as opposed to a standard concrete edge. Not to mention when it comes to landscaping your patio around your pool, the sky is truly the limit!

What 2019 swimming pool trend has you most excited? Is there another trend you’ve spotted that you think should be added to this list? Tell us!