On a sunny, hot summer day it doesn’t take much more than a body of cool water to become a naturally wonderful space to relax. However, there’s something to be said for an outdoor space that combines the beauty and comfort of a pool area with the right configuration of furniture and accessories to make the space all the more enjoyable for homeowners and their guests.

Keep reading to learn our best advice for creating the perfect pool space to enjoy with guests based on the many, many pool projects we have helped to bring to life.

  1. Create various conversation areas.

Typically the pool is the focus of the backyard space, with areas surrounding it that you can fully access or walk around. This creates ample opportunity to define small conversation areas that are spread throughout the backyard. You may want a grouping of lounge chairs in one area and a café table and chairs in another. An outdoor living room set also creates a comfortable conversation area. The key is to utilize every corner of space you have and to give each a different purpose so guests can spread out and enjoy intimate conversations or quiet relaxation even when they are in a large, open space.

  1. Consider how each space will be used.

Before purchasing any pool furniture, really look at your space. If you have hardscaping surrounding your pool area, consider how this is best utilized. Where are people most likely to sunbathe or lounge? Where are people most likely to want to sit and eat? Is there an area more likely to be utilized during the day, and another at night? All of these considerations will help you pick the right pool furniture to fit that space and make it highly functional as well as comfortable.

  1. Choose furniture that is transitional and multi-functional.

When it comes to furniture selection for a pool space, try to find pieces that can serve more than one purpose. Lounge chairs with an adjustable back or detachable footrest can serve both as loungers and as traditional chairs. Outdoor living room sets that are modular will allow you to rearrange the space as often as you’d like and create new configurations to fit the size of guests you’re entertaining. And most importantly, look for every opportunity for storage! Footrests, side tables, and chairs with hidden storage are fabulous choices that allow you to hide cushions, towels, sunscreen, and pool towels when not in use.

  1. Use accessories for color and comfort.

Accessories are where you can really have fun, while also providing some extra special hospitality for guests. Accent pillows on loungers add a pop of color while also making it comfortable on the head and back, in case an afternoon nap is desired. You can also use bright, fluffy towels, rolled up just like they do at a fancy hotel, to decorate the lounge area while providing convenient access for guests to dry off after a swim. Don’t forget about side tables, umbrellas, and some areas to keep drinks and snacks. All of these accessories will make your pool space feel more inviting.

  1. Be mindful of how things will be stored in the off-season.

And this might be the most important piece of advice! When you’re purchasing all of those great pieces of furniture and accessories, keep in mind that they will all need to go somewhere (ideally inside) during the winter months when the pool is not in use. This will keep your pool area clear of clutter and extend the lifetime of your furniture compared to if they are kept outside in the elements. But this also requires indoor storage space, and possibly a lot of it depending upon how much furniture you have. For bigger pieces that can’t be stored inside, you should consider good quality covers to preserve the fabric. The takeaway here is to choose furniture that can easily break down for storage or be stacked for maximum efficiency.

If you have a swimming pool, you know the importance of having the right arrangement of furniture and accessories to make guests feel welcome and to make hosting a breeze. Or if you’ve ever been a guest at someone’s pool it’s likely you’ve noticed all the little touches that make the experience fun and comfortable.

Do you have any advice to add to the five points we shared above? We’d love to hear your feedback. Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below!