Though Pennsylvania snow days are not quite behind us yet, we are inching closer to the opening of swimming pools across the Commonwealth. Did you know that we prefer to begin opening our customers’ swimming pools as early as March? It’s true. Sure, most homeowners won’t be cranking up the pool heat to take a dip while temperatures are still very chilly (though some might!), but there are many other benefits to opening your pool early in the season.

Less Chance of Delays

Year-over-year the demand for custom gunite swimming pools has been exploding in Central Pennsylvania. That, combined with last year’s pandemic and more and more people staying at home, and we’re still receiving an overwhelming amount of new projects. For this reason and several others, it’s quite likely pool companies will again get backed up this year. The last thing you want is for it to be late May or June and your pool company can’t get out to open your pool for the swim season. Avoid that stress by opening your pool earlier than you might think necessary and you’ll sure be glad you did when the warmer weather rolls in!

If There’s an Issue, There’s Time to Fix It

We never want to anticipate having an issue with a swimming pool when we open and prepare it for the swim season, but Pennsylvania winters are rough and they can be known to cause damage that can’t be seen until the covered is removed. By opening your pool earlier in the season, you allow time for any repairs or remedies that may be needed to ensure your pool is swim-ready when you are. We are also seeing delays in getting certain equipment and materials. The earlier we can diagnose any problems or issues means we can get the necessary parts or equipment ordered sooner, and hopefully avoid missing any of the swim season. – I added this piece. Let me know what you think and you can re-word it as you see fit.

Start Heating Up – Naturally

The sun is a powerful resource! By opening your pool early, your water will naturally begin to heat up during the day even before you switch on your heater. Having your pool absorb the sunny days for a month or more before you flip the heat on will save you both time and money to get it feeling comfortable for swimming.

Sparkling Water Looks Better Than a Cover

And finally, clean and sparkling pool water beats a winter cover any day. Even if it’s not quite warm enough to want to swim yet, sitting by a pool that’s been prepared for the swim season adds an ambiance that will have you feeling like summer came early. And that’s priceless!

Do you have a swimming pool that needs to be opened and prepared for the 2021 swim season? When do you typically open your pool and why? If you have a pool-related question, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!