We’ve previously written about how the best time to open your swimming pool for the swim season is as early as March. While that may seem extreme for Central Pennsylvania, it’s really not when you stop to think about it. Sure, the air remains cool for a while, but the sun can really warm things up. And where there’s warm sun, there’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy time spent outdoors near your pool – even if you’re not quite ready to swim. Keep reading for our tips on enjoying your pool area well before it’s hot enough to want to take a dive in.

Comfortable Lounge Space

When you winterize your pool, it’s likely that you put much of your patio furniture in storage. Once your pool is opened and prepared for the swim season, the glistening water beckons you to bring out the furniture once again and begin preparing your patio space for future gatherings. And even if your pool is not quite the destination yet, your patio will be during the warm spring months. Family and friends can enjoy time lounging near the pool and enjoying the setting while remaining warm.

Social Distanced Gatherings

Since we’re still living in a COVID-mindful world, the ability to spread out and gather outside opens up more opportunities to invite friends over for some safe time spent together outdoors. While you can gather in the backyard any time of year, and regardless of your pool being opened, when your pool is open and clean, it’s just that much more inviting to have guests over.

Daily Dose of Vitamin D

During winter, we’ve all gotten used to indoor activities, but don’t let that become the norm. As spring approaches, and especially with a backyard pool and hardscape to enjoy it, make use of this space while soaking up your daily dose of Vitamin D. You can’t gain that while sitting indoors all day!

BBQ Time!

And finally, with more time spent together outside, that’s more reason to fire up the grill or BBQ and enjoy a healthy dinner of meats and vegetables. It’s likely been a while since you’ve enjoyed cooking outside, so make this the grand re-opening of your grill space by inviting friends over to share it with you.

Do you have a pool-related question? Or are you ready to start designing your dream pool? Let’s talk today about beginning making your backyard into a dream oasis.