A Creative Way to Make an Infinity Edge Beautiful and Functional

You may think that the infinity edge feature is reserved for the pools you see sitting atop a fancy hotel in Los Angeles where the water appears to run right over the edge. Or maybe you’ve enjoyed a pool with this feature while on vacation where the infinity edge appeared to drop off into another body of water like a lake or the ocean. While these are all excellent uses for an infinity edge, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not limited to using this feature only when you have a steep drop off near another body of water. 

In this unique project, we want to showcase how we built a custom pool to include not only an infinity edge, but one that includes a second lower pool all its own. There were several reasons why this became the dream design for our client. Foremost, they wanted to find a way to work with a challenging slope in their backyard while enhancing the aesthetics of their pool. They also desired a separate pool space that felt more intimate and secluded. Finally, their property is along the Yellow Breeches, and they wanted to find a way to incorporate the sound of running water to reflect the sound of the creek. 

Take a look at how we were able to accommodate all of these wishes by incorporating an infinity edge feature into their pool design. 

Working with the grade of the landscape.

This particular project presented the challenge of a sloped landscape that would require some substantial excavation and regrading to make it level for a swimming pool. The property was known to have limestone underground, so there would be the risk of hitting rock if we did any major excavating. It would also add to the cost of the project, more so than starting on fairly level land. 

The alternate option we recommended to this client was designing the pool with an infinity edge to work with the existing grade of the property as much as possible. The infinity edge accommodates a slope by allowing for an exposed wall and for the water to run over the edge into a catch basin. The end result is not just a solution to the grading challenge, it’s an outstanding feature that greatly enhances the aesthetics and wow factor of the pool.

Enhanced aesthetics. 

To dive a little deeper into the enhance aesthetics of this pool, the infinity edge and the lower catch base, as well as various areas of exposed sides of the pool were all finished with natural limestone. We recommended using natural stone over a veneer to ensure that as water runs over the edge of the pool, deterioration or a buildup of salt residue would not be an issue. Natural stone is far better at holding up to this daily wear and tear. 

The stone was selected to perfectly blend with the house’s existing stone finishes, and gave a nod back to the area that is known for its limestone. When standing at the lower end of the pool, you can see how the many layers of stone and hardscaping create a stunning backyard scape that certainly grabs your attention. 

Filtration and Function. 

Many people don’t fully understand how the hydraulics and filtration systems for these magnificent looking features work.  And they shouldn’t really need to! It is the job of the pool professional to understand and design the system to meet all pool and spa codes along with meeting expectations from the client on how things look and will operate. 

Keeping the correct amount of water moving and circulating between the main pool and the catch pool below can be tricky depending on what you are trying to accomplish. As the water from the “upper” pool spills over the edge to the “lower” catch pool, leaves and debris will spill over with it.  A well designed hydraulic system will incorporate a pump and filter for this lower pool to ensure that it stays clean. In this particular job, we installed variable speed pumps, cartridge filters and tied the plumbing system into a pool heater so that the water is sanitized and crystal clear as well as heated!  The water then returns to the main “upper” pool via fittings in the pool floor to create the overflowing edge. By returning the heated water to the floor of the pool we ensure efficient heating as well as a water surface that doesn’t show “ripples”, giving the glass like appearance that clients find desirable in vanishing edge designs.

Two separate and functional swimming areas.

What’s most unique about this particular pool is that the client wanted to make the lower basin, which is typically a slender catch basin, into a fully functional second swimming area. Because we custom design each and every one of our pools, we were happy to accommodate this special request. More than just an additional swimming area, the lower basin includes several jets to give it a spa-like feel. The end result was two pools in one, each with a very different feel and view. For a family with small children, this is an ideal setup where the kids can enjoy splashing in the upper pool while the adults enjoy calmer waters in the lower pool, along with the soothing sound of the infinity edge’s waterfall. 

Have you ever envisioned building a swimming pool that includes an infinity edge feature? We can help you explore all the possibilities! Contact us today so we can start a conversation

Benefits of Having a Sun Deck or Tanning Ledge in Your Gunite Swimming Pool

You may hear them referred to as a
sun deck or a tanning ledge. No matter what you choose to call this trendy pool
feature that’s being incorporated into more and more pool designs, one thing is
for certain – you’re going to love the benefits it provides!

In all of our years of building
custom gunite swimming pools, we have never come across two clients who use
their pool in the exact same way. Even within a single family there will be
many types of swimmers and sunbathers who value different aspects of their pool
design. What sun decks and tanning ledges provide is versatility. So whether
you like to be active in your pool, jumping and splashing around, or you prefer
a calm and relaxing atmosphere to read and soak up the sun, you’ll be
interested to learn that the sun deck will quickly become a fan favorite for
swimmers of all ages and energy levels. Here’s why.

Feel refreshed without having to dive in.

Sometimes you want to feel quickly
refreshed without having to commit to going “all in.” With a sun deck, you have
the best of both worlds because you can wade in about one foot of water and
instantly feel refreshed, while still staying mostly dry. It also creates a
nice space to gather with friends, feet dangling in water. Since sun decks are
usually in a curved shape, it creates a comfortable conversation nook.

Stationary sun bathing.

Laying on a raft in your pool,
drink in hand and blue skies above sounds like most people’s definition of a
day in paradise. But if we’re being honest, rafts can get a little awkward to
get on and off of. It can also be uneasy not knowing where you’re floating off
to, if you doze off. The solution? The sun deck. With just the right amount of
water to keep your lower half cool, while still getting to soak up the sun, you
can fully relax without a care in the world.

The perfect depth for your younger swimmers.

Let’s not forget the kids! Keeping
kids safe in the water is our highest priority, and the sun deck gives us just
one more way to do so. With water just about as deep as a kiddie pool, but with
much more room to play, the sun deck allows tiny swimmers to splash around and
play in a comfortable depth of water. Of course swim vests are still required
since the deeper parts of the pool are accessible from the sun deck.

Cool down with both shade and water.

We saved the best feature for last,
and that’s because it becomes just about everyone’s favorite place to be on the
hottest summer days. We build sun decks with the capability to hold a patio
umbrella. This creates a space that has both shade and water for the ultimate
cool down. Take a seat and take a load off!

If your pool had a sun deck or tanning ledge, which one of
these benefits do you think you’d enjoy the most?

Leave a comment below to let us know if this
pool feature will make it to your wish list!

How to Pick the Right Finishes for Your Custom Gunite Swimming Pool

building a custom gunite swimming pool, you have so many options available to
you to truly make it a pool customized to your exact wants. Size and shape are
just the beginning! You will get to choose what features you want to include,
like built in seating, ledges, steps, fire features, infinity edges, and more.
Regardless of the combination of features you choose, there is one thing every
pool owner will need to decide upon when building their swimming pool – and
that’s its finishes!

the process of designing and building your swimming pool, selecting the
finishes is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make. But don’t let
this stress you out! The good news is that with the guidance of your
professional pool company and the following tips, you’ll be well equipped to
make smart and stylish choices. Here’s a look at a few considerations you’ll
want to keep in mind when selecting your pool’s finishes.

Look at the big picture.

choosing the decorative tile border that will accent your pool, and the Pebble-Tec
finish for the pool’s interior, you’ll want to see how these elements
complement one another. Additionally, you want to keep in mind the color and
style of your hardscaping that will also play into the big picture of your
backyard space. While any one of these elements may look great alone, keep in
mind that they will impact one another when they all come together in your pool
area. Place samples of each piece side by side to visualize how they look

Take lighting into consideration.

selecting your pool’s band of tile and interior finish, keep in mind that the
colors will appear different in various degrees of lighting. Your pool will
appear darker when it’s cloudy outside or when the sun is not directly
overhead. Alternately, colors will appear brighter and lighter on sunny days.
Consider the pattern of the sun in your backyard and also the look you want to
achieve most of the time. While there will always be variation in lighting, you
want to select the colors of finishes that work with the way the natural
lighting is in your backyard the majority of the time.

Test out both the look and the feel.

The Pebble-Tec interior finish of your pool comes in 48 different colors, but also keep in mind that it has 3 different textures as well. You can drastically impact the feel of your pool, literally, by the type of texture you select. Some pool owners prefer a very smooth, glass-like finish, while others like extreme texture. Still others like something a little more in the middle. It’s great that Pebble-Tec offers a selection for this very reason! When looking at samples, you will likely be feeling the dry texture with your fingers. Remember that this will feel different when it’s wet and felt by your feet. If at all possible, try to find a pool with that finish so you can see it in water and feel it under foot. Another reason why you'll want to see the finish when it is wet is because the color will darken up significantly, which is how it will look when the pool is filled with water.

Choose timeless over trendy.

final, and quite possibly most important tip is when selecting the finishes of
your pool try to choose timeless over trendy. While there will certainly be
ways to incorporate new trends and technology into other elements of your
swimming pool, for the pool’s finishes, you want to aim for timeless. Why?
Because you want to be as happy with the colors and textures of your finishes
today as you will be 20+ years from now. If you go with a bold color now, it’s
likely you’ll grow tired of it overtime. A more subtle or natural color will
age well. You can always add pops of color in your pool’s accessories like
umbrellas, patio furniture, pillows and towels. These are far easier and less
expensive to change out over time. When it comes to your pool’s finishes, think

Do you have another question related to picking
the right finishes for your pool? If you’re ready to begin design your dream
backyard, give us a call today!

5 Swimming Pool Trends That are Taking the Summer by Storm

5Summer 2019 is heating up! And with the new season right around the corner, so are the new pool trends you’ll start to see guiding the design of pool construction and renovation. These trends go beyond the obvious or expected and take things to the next level by using new technology and design to incorporate elements that are both stylish and functional. Let’s take a look at what we predict to be the top five swimming pool trends to take this summer by storm.

1. Integrated Structures
One of the most increasingly popular requests we receive from clients has been incorporating shade or shelter structures within the surrounding pool area. This includes pergolas, gazebos, pool cabanas, shade sails, and the like. Not only do these integrated structures increase the aesthetics of the space, they also serve an important function of keeping guests dry from a passing rain storm or providing the relief of shade on a hot summer day.

Aquavisions Creates Custom Gunite Spa with Outdoor Living Area

2. Natural Lighting Elements

While there will always be a need for traditional and LED lights around a pool area, more and more pool owners are incorporating natural lighting elements, like fire, into their pool designs. Fire elements are a great way to add light, ambiance and heat all at the same time. Fire pits and fireplaces can be built into the hardscaping surrounding the pool, or elements like fire bowls can be placed right near the edge of the pool to create an inviting and luxe atmosphere.

3. Contrasting Finishes

Dare to be different! This is a theme we are seeing more and more of these days. Pool owners are choosing to incorporate contrasting finishes within their pool and hardscaping to create defined spaces and to accentuate features. If you’re designing or renovating a pool this summer and get to choose new finishes, keep in mind that not everything needs to match perfectly. While everything should fall within a defined color palette, you have the freedom to choose various sizes, colors and finishes of tiles and pavers for your pool area. You can also use contrasting banding to add an artistic element to your space while defining its shape.

4. Stone Elements

Another trend we’re seeing is stone finishes. This includes hardscaping as well as the pool itself. For pools with exposed edges, natural or veneer stone can be used to cover the exposed part of the pool. The result is a beautiful, high-end finish that delivers that “wow” factor to your pool area. The color, size, and pattern of stone you use can have a profound impact on the overall design of your pool.

5. Investing in Long-Term Value

One more important trend to note is investing in elements that add long-term value to a pool. The more you can prioritize designing a pool that is well equipped to maintain its functionality and beauty, the happier you will be with the end result. It’s so important to not cut corners on things like your filtration system, heat system, or finishes. Once you go through all the effort of building a pool, you’re going to want to have it last as long as possible with as little maintenance as possible. Investing in quality now, will give you year and years of through relaxation and enjoyment.

One more thing to note…

this is not a “trend” because it is and should be standard, pool safety
features have also come a long way thanks to new technology entering the market.
Door and gate alarms can be set to audibly alert the pool owner if they are
home, while also alerting them on their mobile device in case they are not.
This way you are always aware of someone entering or existing your pool area.

in-water surveillance systems are designed to continuously monitor what’s going
on in your pool. If it detects a “struggle” in the water, it immediately alerts
the pool owner or can be set to contact 9-1-1. These are just a few of the many
products now on the market that pool owners are incorporating into their pool
designs to provide peace of mind while keeping swimmers safe.

When it comes to building a custom gunite
swimming pool, you have a ton of features, finishes and design options available
to you that can allow you to truly create the pool of your dreams, with very
few limitations. This list only begins to scratch the surface of the up and
coming pool trends that are making waves in 2019. Are you ready to being
designing your backyard paradise? Let’s talk!

Which one of these pool
trends is your favorite? Or is there another trend you’d like to see added to
this list? Share what you think by leaving a comment below!

10 Common Regrets People Have About Their Swimming Pool

1When it comes time to make a large investment in your property, such as building a swimming pool, there are many things you’ll want to consider throughout the process. These countless decisions leave much room for uncertainty and regret if you don’t do your research to learn what options are available to you, and then select the ones that best fit your wants and needs.

Take a look as we cover 10 common regrets people have about their swimming pool. Why would we share this? Because hindsight is 20/20 and it’s a valuable opportunity to learn from what other pool owners might have chosen to do differently – so that you can learn what they wish they knew!

1. It’s not the right size.

This can go both directions, too small or too large. Sometimes pool owners may feel like they got the size wrong based upon how they ultimately end up using the pool and the upkeep required to do so. This is why it’s so important to begin your pool design process with an understanding of how many people you plan to have in or around your pool on an average day.

2. It’s not the right depth.

The depth of a pool can have a profound impact on the swimmer experience. What we mean by this is a pool that is too shallow for safe jumping and diving can be frustrating to swimmers who really want to experience this activity in your pool. In contrast, a pool with a significant deep end may not be used all that often by people who prefer to wade or stand in a pool. Again this comes back to understanding how you plan to use your pool, and building it to suit this lifestyle.

3. It’s in the wrong location.

One of the worst realizations of any pool owner is that your pool could have been positioned in a better location. What defines “better?” Well, a couple of things. If you want a pool that receives sun the majority of the day, you have to be mindful of the trees on your property which will cast shadows at various points in the day, or drop debris into your pool. Or maybe you placed your pool at an awkward space in your yard where it feels disjointed from your home. As with any real estate, location is everything.

4. I didn’t think through my hardscaping.

Many people become so focused on their pool that they forget to account for any patio or hardscaping they wish to create next to their pool. You must consider working with the grade of your property, or be willing to change it. Also, you’ll want to consider what materials you use as they can enhance the quality of your pool, or bring it down.

5. I didn’t budget properly.

It’s extremely stressful for any new pool owner when they realize they didn’t budget properly for their pool project. Expected (and unexpected) pool costs may feel as though they are piling up, leaving you anxious about something that should be bringing you excitement.

6. I didn’t speak up.

You have to go with your gut! Maybe you’ve made a material selection that doesn’t feel quite right, but you don’t want to upset anyone by going back and changing your mind. Any professional pool company will tell you – speak up! Don’t live with a decision that isn’t 100% what you want, especially if you still have the opportunity to change it. Speak up early and often in your pool designing process – we assure you, everyone will be glad you did!

7. I cut corners in important areas.

When you cut corners in important areas, you may soon realize you created more work for yourself long-term. For example, if you didn’t go with your pool company’s recommendation for appropriate cleaning and filtration systems in your pool, you may be disappointed by the amount of extra time you spend cleaning what could be a low-maintenance pool. Consider what you need to spend your money on now, that can’t be made up for down the road, and prioritize these investments in your pool project.

8. I wish I would have talked to more than one pool company.

In so many instances in life it’s important to get a second (or third) opinion. Each pool company has its unique skills and advantages. You want to be sure you’re working with the company that aligns with what you value most. Aim to talk to two to three pool companies that have good reputations and positive reviews. In doing so, you’ll gain sufficient information to make a confident decision of who you’d like to work with

9. I didn’t do my research.

As important as it is to find a pool company that can provide expert advice and guide you throughout the process, it’s still important to do your own research. Foremost, you need to know the options available to you as far as style, material, and technology. This will allow you to have a knowledgeable conversation with whatever pool company you select, and to be your own best advocate.

Additionally, your research should include talking to people you know who have built a pool, especially if they used the same pool company you’re considering. This conversation will offer insight into the designing and building process from the client’s perspective, and will also give you an idea of the cost and time commitment required with pool ownership.

10. I should have done it sooner!

And the final, yet most common regret people have about their swimming pool is simply this…they wish they did it sooner, often much sooner! So what are you waiting for?

As with anything in life, there can be regrets when you don’t fully think through the options available to you. When it comes to designing and building a custom swimming pool, this doesn’t have to be an exhaustive or overwhelming process. In fact, if you simply make your top priority working with a trusted and experienced pool company, then virtually all of these regrets can be avoided with the right advice to guide you.

Ae you considering building a custom swimming pool and want to speak with Central Pennsylvania’s premiere custom gunite pool company? Contact us today!

Opening Day: Tips to Prepare Your Pool for the Swim Season

OWe can finally say with certainty – warmer days are ahead of us! This means that pool owners will soon be enjoying fun and sun in the water for many months to come. But to get to that moment, you must first accomplish the very important step of properly preparing your pool for the swim season.  

For pool owners who want a smooth and seamless pool opening – and we imagine that’s everyone – take a look at 5 things you can do to help your pool company provide you with top quality service and a well prepared pool.

1. Be proactive when scheduling your pool’s opening.

Keep in
mind that pool companies start booking their pool services well in advance,
especially for pool openings. When you’re ready to have your pool open, it’s
likely most other people who own a pool in your area have the same idea. It’s
smart to be proactive when setting the date for your service. Additionally, if
you have a special event or occasion for which you want your pool to be open
and looking its best, we recommend opening your pool at least two weeks prior
to that date. This way any unforeseen issues can be corrected in time and the
pool will impress your guests.

2. Make sure the pool is topped off with water before your pool service company arrives to open the pool.

When the
pool is winterized and closed for the season, the water level is lowered and
lines are blown out to prevent freeze damage. In the spring opening season, your
pool company needs to have enough water back in the pool to be able to start up
the pumps and filtration systems. Consult your service company to find out what
the proper water level should be for your pool before they arrive to open the
pool. If this step gets missed, it could result in the service company needing
to schedule a 2nd trip to your pool to start the system up, which will bring an
extra bill with it!

3. Have any necessary pool equipment and components available for the service company before they show up.

your pool service company will leave some items for you to store for the winter
when they are done closing your pool for the season. These items might include
skimmer strainer baskets, plumbing fittings and plugs, ladders and railings,
and various other small items. An easy way to keep everything together is to
place them all in a plastic tub or bin for storage. When you schedule your spring
opening, make sure that your bin full of “pool stuff” is out by the pool or
somewhere that is accessible to your pool technician. If it is locked in a shed
and we don’t have access to it, we will have to reschedule and you may get hit
with a “trip charge” for our lost time.

4. Do a general clean up around the pool area.

Take a
broom or leaf blower and eliminate as much debris from around the pool as
possible. Also, clean up after any pets that may have been walking around the
pool area. Dodging doggy doo all day doesn’t make for a happy service tech! We
want to open your pool and have it as clean and inviting (although maybe a
little chilly to swim in yet) as possible. The more debris we have to clean up
around the pool, the less time we are spending on the actual pool, and the
higher your invoice will be!

5. Have reasonable expectations.

We pride
ourselves on going “above and beyond” the call of duty at pool openings so that
when we leave, the pool is sparkling and ready for the season. That being said,
just because we leave an immaculate pool behind as we pull out of the driveway
doesn’t mean a storm can’t roll through and blow a bunch of leaves into the
pool. There are always a few circumstances beyond our control that can affect
the status of a pool opening. We provide a full service opening for our
customers which means we vacuum all debris out of the pool, adjust the water
chemistry and start up all pool mechanicals to ensure everything is in proper
working order. Other pools service companies may just pull the cover off and
turn on the pumps…the rest is up to you! Different levels of services come with
different costs. So if you are shopping around for quotes to open your pool,
make sure you know what is included in the estimate for the service. Don’t make
the mistake of comparing apples to oranges.

Are you preparing to open a
swimming pool this season? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or
for some expert advice. Contract us today!

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Swimming Pool

It’s hard to imagine that there are truly “bad” swimming pool trends or designs that could offset the luxury and convenience (not to mention fun!) of owning your own swimming pool. And in our experience, there are not that many at all! We live by the philosophy of “to each their own.” That’s the beauty of being a custom pool design company. Every client and every pool is unique – as it should be. What one person may love in a pool, may not be the other person’s cup of tea, and that’s quite alright.

Instead, we wanted to take a humorous approach as to how you essentially can’t go wrong with your pool design, so long as you are using quality materials and working with an experienced and professional pool company. So what are the four swimming pool mistakes you should avoid at all costs? Take a look!

  1. Copying someone else’s pool – exactly.

Foremost, where’s the fun in this? The whole concept of choosing a custom pool company is the ability to custom design your very own swimming pool, one that is unlike anything anyone else has! While it’s perfectly fine, and often helpful to show your pool company pictures of other pools you admire and may want to pull design elements from, you should want to have a truly custom design. Second, every backyard is unique in its size, shape, slope and view. How someone else’s pool fits on their property will not be how your pool fits on yours. All the more reason to embrace the flexibility and creativity of a custom pool design!

  1. Choosing short-term solutions.

The next mistake is choosing short-term solutions in an effort to save on cost or time, and as a result you set yourself up for higher maintenance or increased costs down the road. Sure, you can technically skimp on some technical aspects of your swimming pool, but you will only be shooting yourself in the foot. If you don’t install an adequate filtration system, guess who will have to make up for the slack? You will through more manual labor! It’s so important to properly budget for long-term, common sense solutions and technologies for your pool, to make pool ownership a joy and convenience long-term.

  1. Favoring glitz over function.

It’s so tempting to want to spend a large portion of your pool budget on features and finishes that provide that “wow” factor. And there’s no problem with doing so unless you then have to sacrifice function. Whenever you are making a design decision on your pool, whether it be its shape, size, depth, finish, and the list goes on, make sure you are also asking yourself (and your pool company), could this negatively impact the functionality of the pool. For example, if you’re not prepared for your electric bill to double due to the cost of maintaining and heating your pool and adjoining hot tub all summer (and possibly spring and fall), then you may wish to scale back on the depth or square footage to create a smaller pool.

  1. Not going with your gut instinct.

No matter how you slice it, building a residential swimming pool is a large project. There are many decisions you’ll need to make starting with what pool company you choose to bring your vision to life. The biggest mistake a potential pool owner can make is not listening to their gut instinct when it tells you what pool company will be the best fit, what budget is most reasonable for you right now, what design and finishes you should select, and countless other examples. Every step of the way you should be listening to these instincts and communicating them with your spouse or anyone else involved in your pool building project. To ensure you are fully happy with the finished project, your gut will almost always lead you in the right direction.

Is there another mistake you’ve seen made when people design their swimming pool? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below!

3 Things Aquavisions Does Differently Than Most Pool Companies

When someone asks, “What does Aquavisions do?” the simple answer is we build custom gunite swimming pools. But is that all we do? Not even close! It’s a little (a lot) more complex than that. Why? Because so much goes into a custom swimming pool – and it all starts with having a relationship with our clients.

When anything is designed custom for someone, it requires a much deeper understanding of that person and their lifestyle, wants, and wishes than simply picking something from a catalog, having it delivered and installed. So what makes Aquavisions different than most pool companies? Our major points of differentiation full under three main categories.

  1. We get to know you personally.

Building a pool gets personal. Okay, maybe not as personal as some other things in life, but in order to really understand what it is our clients want and to make sure we are providing you with all options available to you, it’s important we understand you on a personal level. We will visit you at your home to see your outdoor space and also to talk with you, in a space that makes you most comfortable, about your hopes and goals for this pool project. From here, we’ll take all of this information into consideration and start by crafting an initial pool design that we feel hits all the right marks. Every step of our process is custom and personalized to you.

  1. We’re your partner through it all.

When it comes to every step of physically building your pool, we’ve got you covered. However there are many other moving parts to this project that people forget to consider. For example, how will you hardscape and landscape around your pool? Who will you use for your fencing company? When these questions arise for our clients we are happy to offer recommendations and guide them through the process so they can appropriately budget for these aspects of the pool project. Also, we want to see that they work with trusted vendors who we are confident will uphold the same standard of quality to which we provide. Simply put, when you work with Aquavisions, we are your partner who will guide you through it all.

  1. We’re in it long-term.

Finally and most importantly, we are committed to our long-term relationship. That’s right, we want to be the people you call upon should you ever need anything related to your pool, even 20 years from now. We never see our pools as a one-off project. Rather, we pride ourselves on always be responsive and helpful to our clients whether they have a simple maintenance question or need a solution to a complex problem. And of course, we are available to assist any pool owner, even those who do not own an Aquavisions pool, with the proper opening and closing of your pool each season. This alone will greatly help to maintain the quality of your pool and reduce the time and labor required of you to take on such projects on your own.

At Aquavisions, we do things a little bit differently when it comes to designing and building custom gunite swimming pools. And quite frankly, being different has made all the difference, not only to us but to our clients who continue to express in many different ways how owning an Aquavisions pool has changed their lives, brought their families closer and helped them to create memories that would never have been possible otherwise. This is why we are so passionate about what we do!

Do you someday hope to build a new pool or upgrade your current one? What qualities in a pool company are most important to you? Share your response in the comments below!

What Inspires Our Custom Gunite Swimming Pool Designs?

You only need to see one Aquavisions pool to know that we create much more than a traditional swimming pool, we create a piece of art that you can also swim in. Because each pool we build is custom, it requires a great deal of inspiration to continuously generate new designs. The good news is that we have many sources of inspiration that provide us with new ideas. If you have ever wondered what inspires our custom pool designs, you’ll be interested to know that it’s usually a combination of many things. Here are just a few!


We believe your swimming pool should feel like a natural oasis that blends seamlessly with you’re the rest of your backyard. For this reason, we’re often inspired by elements we see in nature that can be incorporated into a pool’s design. Instead of diving boards, we use large boulders and instead of traditional slides, we find ways to creatively design slides into the landscape so they feel natural. There is nothing quite as soothing as the sound of running water which is why we also look for opportunities to incorporate waterfalls and rock features into the design of our pools.

Enjoy your new pool!


To complement the design features inspired by nature, we also look to architecture for ideas. When building a custom gunite swimming pool, we take into consideration the design elements of your home. Colors, materials, finishes and layout provide inspiration for the best pool design to match the look and feel of your home. The end result is a backyard space that acts like an extension of the home and reflects many of the same design elements.

Latest Trends & Technology

Another source of inspiration for our pools designs is technology. As new materials and features enter the market, we’re always keeping track of how we can incorporate these trends and technology into our pool designs. More than just making for an eye-catching design, we also want to create a pool that functions as well as it can. So when a new technology is developed that makes a pool easier and more enjoyable to maintain, we want to know about it!


Our own experience also inspires our pool designs. As we gain new insight and expertise with every pool we build, we are sure to put this knowledge to use again in the future. We have learned what design elements work well, which ones offer the greatest benefits and which ones we recommend avoiding. This experience allows us to create exceptional pool designs that function as well as they look.


Most importantly, our clients are the biggest source of our inspiration. Because every pool we build is custom, the design process always begins by listening to the client and understanding what they want in a swimming pool. We take into account their lifestyle, personality, hobbies and how they plan to use the pool and then use this as inspiration to design a pool that hits all the marks. Sometimes this means making quite a few elements work together, but we are always up for the challenge!

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What’s the Right Swimming Pool Design for My Backyard?

When designing a custom gunite swimming pool, there are few limitations to what you can create. Everything can truly be customized to what you want. However, there are several factors that will impact what design will work best for your space.

Foremost the size and shape of your pool will depend upon your backyard and where your property lines are located. Additionally, the layout of your pool, including features such as fire elements or an infinity edge, will also be impacted by the size and sloping of your backyard. Finally, you don’t want to overlook how the design of your pool will also determine your hardscaping.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors individually to better understand how they can and will impact the design of your custom gunite swimming pool.


One major benefit of a gunite swimming pool is that you are not limited by size. So long as you have the space, your pool can truly be whatever size you desire. Most often it’s your property that will determine the size of your swimming pool. What size of pool will best fit your space? How much of your property do you want to reserve for other uses? These are just a few questions to consider. You will also want to take into account your township’s rules and regulations for swimming pool setbacks and size, as this can have an impact on your pool’s design.


The next consideration of your pool design is shape. Again, building with gunite allows you infinite possibilities for your pool’s shape. For some property layouts, a geometric design is the perfect fit. For other types of properties, a free form design might better allow you to maximize your space. You may also have a personal preference as to the shape of your pool.

One of the most important things you should consider when choosing the shape of your pool is how you plan to use it. For example, if you want to be able to swim long, straight laps, you might be better suited with a rectangular pool. Or if you want your pool to provide various “nooks” where people can spread out to relax and socialize, a free form design can best accomplish this.


As for the physical location and layout of your pool, this goes beyond simply “fitting” your pool on your property. You’ll want to consider how close you want your pool to your home. Some clients prefer a pool set further away from their home with an adjacent pool house for convenience. Others want to be able to step out their back door and be just feet away from water. Think of what will best fit your lifestyle and how you plan to use your pool, as well as the rest of your backyard area.


Another important aspect of pool design is the addition of features such as a sun deck, fire elements or an infinity edge. With a gunite swimming pool you can incorporate all of these elements to truly customize your pool to be exactly what you want. Should you want built-in bar stools and a swim-up bar – we can do it! It’s important to consider all the features that are available to you and narrow this list down to just the ones that are going to accentuate your pool design without distracting from it. Then you can incorporate these elements into your design from the start.


Finally you’ll want to consider your hardscaping while designing your pool. While a final hardscaping design doesn’t have to be ironed out exactly as you determine your pool design, it is helpful to have an idea of what you might envision. For example, should you wish to have a large patio with various levels and spaces, this type of hardscaping design will require more space, and a larger budget, all of which can impact your pool design. Your hardscaping will also have to adhere to your township’s rules and regulations for size and property setbacks, so this should be considered as well. All the elements of your backyard design should work together and complement one another, which is why it’s best to begin with a clear idea of what you want for hardscaping as you design your pool.

Are you dreaming of building a custom gunite swimming pool? It’s never too early to begin exploring the design process to get a better feel for what will make the best use of your space while incorporating the elements that are most important to you.

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