If you’re ready to take your backyard space to the next level, then we have some helpful advice to share! In fact, one of the best answers was hiding right there in our last sentence – levels. That’s right, incorporating a variety of levels into your swimming pool area, by way of landscaping and hardscaping, can greatly enhance the way your backyard space looks and functions.

Using levels as a design feature can be a creative way to make your space look bigger, host more people, and create intimate gathering spaces that can also take a large space and make it more functional. Keep reading for our expert advice on using levels within your pool and hardscaping to create a dream backyard space that is uniquely your own.

But first…what are we really talking about?

The most obvious (and easier) way to add levels to your pool area is through hardscaping and landscaping surrounding your pool. Your pool can be freeform or geometric in shape, and through creative landscaping, you can create lounging and entertaining spaces that complement and maximize the area. On the more adventurous end of the spectrum, you can also custom design a pool that uses levels, like the one featured in this blog post. Using an infinity edge, and partially exposed sides covered in stone, this pool boasts two unique swimmable areas that really deliver the “wow” factor.

The bottom line is a multi-level swimming pool space can be whatever you want it to be! Consider your existing space, how you plan to use it, and your budget, and then seek expert advice for crafting a creative space!


  • Works with your landscape. For yards that are anything but a perfect square, and even those that are, using levels in your pool area allows you to work with the curves and slopes and not against them.
  • More individual areas serve different purposes. Instead of one big space that can feel too open, uninteresting, or leave a lot of unused “corners,” having levels to define smaller and more intimate areas is a huge benefit.
  • Better flow and functionality. Using curves and levels to define spaces around your pool area creates a natural pathway for guests to follow. You can establish a clear path to the food area, bathroom, or pool entrance. When you’re hosting groups, big or small, this can be a huge benefit!
  • Creative ways to use furniture and hardscaping. – A big open area can actually be more intimidating to furnish with plants and furniture. Rather, a pool area that curves, creates nooks, and drops down to different levels provides many, smaller opportunities to define each space as its own.
  • It looks cool! Do you really need a better reason to embrace a multi-level swimming pool space? Your space will look unique and interesting from various angles. From the time guests first see the space to as they move through it, they will get to experience your backyard and pool in many unique ways.


  • May increase some costs. Adding levels to a backyard space isn’t usually the more efficient option. They often require more time, labor, and materials to produce so just keep this in mind when dreaming up your multi-level space.
  • Needs to work with your existing area. The best outdoor spaces give a nod to watch nature originally created. Your multi-level pool area and hardscaping should consider what’s already there, which may mean you’re limited in some ways.
  • Small areas can still pose a challenge. Although levels can often create more usable space within a small area, exceptionally intimate backyards still can’t be magically transformed through levels alone. Keep your expectations in check, and embrace the possibilities that can take place!

How to get started?

Are you intrigued by the concept of a multi-level swimming pool area? Whether this includes a partially or fully exposed pool, multiple levels within a pool, or simply hardscaping that offers different heights, incorporating levels into your backyard design can enhance aesthetics and function!

To get started, first begin at the drawing board. Really take time to understand your backyard as it currently is and then look to expert advice for what it can become. Involve a professional and experienced custom pool company, like Aquavisions, early in the conversation – as well as a respected landscaper/hardscaper. Multi-level pool areas work best when everything and everyone, works together from start to finish!

Do you have a question about your dream backyard space? Ask us anything and we’ll offer expert input! Contact us today or leave a comment below.