When you think about building your dream backyard space, you might focus on a pool or hardscaping. But don’t overlook the wonderful addition of a spa that can deliver relaxation, a fun social space, and something you can choose to use beyond the normal swim season if you desire. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite spa designs and how these homeowners have created an awesome entertaining space with the addition of a spa.

A Pool-Sized Spa

Is it a pool? Is it a spa? The best answer is that it can serve as both! This smaller-scaled space is our NESPA award-winning project that can technically become both. It’s small enough to quickly heat up, while large enough to host a very well-attended spa party, with a swim-up bar (and so many other features) as a bonus!

Colorful Spa

With the addition of colorful lights that can be controlled and customized from your phone, this spa space will have you relaxing like you’re on a tropical vacation in an exotic lagoon. Adding colors to your spa space makes it as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the muscles. Especially if you plan to use your spa well into the colder seasons of fall and winter, having light makes it an inviting space that feels warmer even before you step a foot inside.

A Spa With a View

When we incorporate a spa into a pool, we take great care to consider the view. To overlook a pool or vast green space enhances the soothing and relaxing nature of the spa. And with custom gunite pools and spas, you can customize every seating arrangement and flow, clients are able to tell us how many people they wish to seat and how they wish to seat them. Then, we build the perfect spa based upon their request!

Stand-Alone Spa

And most uniquely is a spa that doesn’t have to be anchored by a pool or really anything else. This stand-alone spa is a great example of a backyard project where the homeowner knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted to use the space. A pool wasn’t necessary, rather they wanted a dedicated spa that could be a feature enjoyed year-round while leaving plenty of space for hardscaping and entertaining.

If the winter (or any) months have you longing for the relaxation of a spa, let’s talk today! Aquavisions can help you build a custom gunite spa that meets your needs and delivers exceptional relaxation and luxury all year long!