As you explore all of the possibilities for building a custom gunite swimming pool, don’t overlook the impact of a fun and beautiful water feature that can deliver both visual interest as well as a soothing backdrop to further enhance your relaxation in this space. Keep reading to learn what creative water features we have built into client projects, and how we can customize them to make them perfect for your space.

Natural Waterfall

The benefit of building a custom gunite swimming pool is that you can easily incorporate features like a rock waterfall. This isn’t always the case with other pool styles and materials. Aquavisions has vast experience arranging the perfect rock formation and running the necessary plumbing to bring this stunning feature to life and make it look effortless. When turned on, this feature brings the sound of nature into the space.

Decorative Water Features

If you’re looking for something more decorative than natural, we can also incorporate a stunning water feature that uses stone or ceramic fixtures. Take for example these lions’ heads. You gain the same relaxing sound of running water with a different style than a natural rock feature. This is great for homeowners looking for a water feature that is more dramatic and noticeable.

Infinity Edge

If your backyard is sloped, and infinity edge water feature might be a great addition to your backyard space. Creating an infinity edge pool is certainly a commitment, but well worth it when you see the result. What’s unique about an infinity edge pool is that the water appears as smooth as glass because of the run-off into the catch basin. It also acts as a natural pool filter, which is an added bonus. If you place seating close enough to the infinity edge, you also gain that same soothing sound of running water.

Splash Pad

One of our most unique projects yet was a custom splash pad at this homeowner’s residence. The columns offer a dramatic effect, whether turned on or not. And when in use, the splash pad is a fun experience for kids of all ages, even those well into adulthood. Imagine all the games you could come up with in this area to either avoid the water or make the biggest splash possible!

And more!

When building a custom gunite swimming pool, the sky is truly the limit. If there is another creative water feature that is part of your dream backyard setting, simply ask. Aquavisions prides itself on turning dreams into reality. If we can find a way to build it, we will bring it to life for you!

Ready to explore the possibilities for your custom swimming pool? Contact us today to learn more about our process and how to get started.