Summer 2020 is heating up and so are this season’s pool trends. If you’ve started designing your dream pool, or are even considering a pool project in the near future, you’ll want to be paying attention to the new and emerging trends that could help take your pool to the next level. Take a look as we “dive” into more detail on five of the top pool trends we’re seeing designed into all sorts of swimming pools this summer.

Unique Textures

This year is the time to take chances and try new and interesting textures for the finish of your swimming pool. For custom gunite swimming pools, a huge advantage is that you can select exactly the texture you want for your swimming pool. Some people love an extremely smooth and soft surface that glides under their feet as they swim. While others enjoy a more textured finish where you can feel the variations of the smooth pebbles embedded into the gunite. Best of all, there is no wrong choice. If you’re currently building a swimming pool, or dreaming of doing so, be sure to ask your pool company about all of your options because there may be more out there than you think!

Darker Pool Hues

Another popular trend this summer is designing pools with darker tones of finish. Why you might ask? There are several benefits to doing this. First, the darker colors helps your pool water to warm faster and to stay warm. It also hides minor dirt and debris better than a very light finish where nearly everything shows. Finally, it creates a natural, lagoon-like pool that blends in well especially here in Central Pennsylvania, with the natural colors of our lakes and creeks. Keep in mind that whatever color you choose will always look darker in the shade and lighter in the sun. This is why it’s so important to try out your samples in both types of settings.

Natural Entries and Stairs

Another hot feature for new pools this summer is incorporating natural entries and stairs so that you don’t have to have ladders or other means to enter the pool that can disrupt the design. Stairs and slopes that are naturally incorporated in your custom gunite swimming pool can really give it that “wow” factor and make it feel like a resort. Best of all, these features require little to no maintenance, unlike ladders which can rust or become broken over time. If you’re thinking of building a swimming pool, be sure to talk to your pool company about options for built-in stairs and slopes to achieve this great look.

Different Levels of Hardscaping

Another great trend we’re seeing this summer is varying level of hardscaping in the backyard. This allows for the hardscaping design to work with the natural elevation of your property without too much additional excavation, beyond what you’re already doing with your pool project. Better yet, the different levels of hardscaping really help to separate your spaces so that they can feel private and be used for different activities. For example, an upper level to your patio might be better suited for sitting or dining. Whereas a lower patio right near your pool is great for lounging and sunbathing. Plus, the stone stairs and landscaping you use to connect the spaces will create a stunning first impression for guests.

Shade and Shelter

And for our favorite trend of summer 2020, it’s shade and shelter features. It gets hot here during the summer in Central Pennsylvania! Come late July we can expect temperatures to rise as high as into the 100s. One of the best things a pool owner can do is to consider incorporating an element of shade or shelter such as a pergola or pool house. These can range from a full on house-like feature, or be kept simple with a wooden frame that ivy can grow on for shade. Choose what best fits your lifestyle and budget. We promise, come those dog days of summer, you won’t regret it!

Which of these pool trends would you want to see incorporated into your dream pool? Tell us by leaving a comment below.