So you’ve achieved a beautiful outdoor space complete with a patio, hardscaping, and a glistening swimming pool. But your project is not yet complete without pool furniture. You would think that furniture is only a minor accessory to your overall space, but that’s not the case. In fact, the furniture you bring into your pool area can have a major impact on how you use the space and how well it hosts guests. Take a look as we go down the list of things to consider when selecting the right pool furniture to fit your lifestyle and budget.

How do you plan to use each space?

First think through how you plan to use the various spaces around your pool and in your backyard. Do you enjoy entertaining large crowds, or will it mostly just be you and one or two other people? Maybe it’s a combination of both. Do you enjoy lounging and laying out, or do you want more space dedicated to outdoor cooking and dining? Best all off, your space can meet a combination of these wants and needs, if you plan it out right. Section off your space into smaller areas and designate which one will be for lounging, which one will be for eating, and which one will be for activities or entertaining.

What are your dimensions?

Sectioning off the various areas of your overall space will allow you to answer this important question. How large is your space and what is the right size furniture for that space? You may fall in love with a large outdoor sectional sofa, but your space may simply not allow for it. Before you start shopping, be sure you know the maximum dimensions for your furniture, as well as what combination of furniture will work best. For your lounge space, do you need 2 or 6+ lawn chairs? Do you have room to include any side tables, an umbrella, or something else? Mapping out your furniture needs and knowing your dimensions will greatly help you on your furniture shopping journey.

How will you store the furniture?

Another big consideration is how you will store all of your outdoor furniture. Having a lot of comfortable furniture to fill out your space is great, but it can be problematic when it comes time to storing it in the off season. Do you have space in your basement, garage, or shed? Can the furniture weather the winter outdoors? Don’t make the mistake of buying bulky furniture with cushions that doesn’t easily condense or stack, or you’ll be left with the challenge of storing it all properly.

What’s your budget?

After you’ve invested in creating a beautiful outdoor space, you will need to think about what is a reasonable budget for your pool furniture. Remember, you don’t need to purchase everything in the first year. This can be a multi-phase process as you use the space and learn what you want and need. It’s smart to visit friends who also have outdoor spaces to see what type of furniture they have and ask them for pricing and recommendations. Be sure to set a budget for this year, and stick to it. This will help to guide your purchases and prioritize what you buy this year.

What features are most important?

Finally, think about your must-haves and your nice-to-haves when it comes to furniture. You may need to make some concessions when it comes to getting what you want while sticking to your budget. For example, when it comes to lounge chairs, what features must you absolutely have? For some that’s cushions, for others that’s the ability for them to adjust and lay completely flat. These must-have features should guide your purchases, but also be prepared to let go of a few nice-to-have features in order to stick to your budget and overall design vision.

Selecting the furniture to bring your outdoor space to life should be a fun process, not a stressful one. Keep in mind that the search should be enjoyable, and it doesn’t have to be done in a week, a month, or even a year. It can be an ongoing process as you carefully design a space that is perfect for you and your family.

Have you furnished your pool space and have some tips to share? Or are you look for more advice for your own space? Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.