What Is It Like to Own a Pool in Central Pennsylvania?

The region in which you live will have a large impact on your
pool ownership experience. The temperature, seasonality, and terrain of where
you call “home” will all play a role in various things you should consider when
exploring your options to build a swimming pool.

Specifically for Central Pennsylvania, there are some key
details that will make owning a pool in this region different from other
locations. Let’s take a look at a few unique aspects you should consider.

In the
dead of summer, you won’t want to leave your pool.

In Pennsylvania, we are fortunate to experience all four
seasons. That also means that in the summertime it can get very hot and stay
hot for quite some time. Typically about mid-July there is a week or two of
extreme heat moving into the triple digits! This is the time of year when
Central Pennsylvania pool owners are very grateful to have convenient access to
cooler waters. It becomes almost necessary to be in or near a pool in order to
enjoy the outdoors during this season.

Even when it’s not stifling hot, the months of late May
through early October are ideal weather conditions to enjoy a pool. This gives
us a pretty hearty swim season which quickly validates investing in your own

A custom
design can help with challenging terrain.

Particularly in Central Pennsylvania, there can be hilly and
uneven terrain. If you backyard is not perfectly level, it can create
challenges when designing your pool. One option is to excavate; however, rock
is also common in this area and can be hidden underground until you encounter
it when you’re digging up the land. These are great reasons to steer toward a
custom pool design that can be tailored to your property and allow you to solve
these challenges in creative and cost-effective ways.

If your backyard slopes and you don’t want to, or can’t level
it out, a custom pool with an exposed rock façade or infinity edge could be
great solutions. Additionally, features like a tanning ledge or built in bench
seating can reduce the amount you need to excavate.

Mind your

While Central Pennsylvania is known for its lush greenery, this also means debris from trees and bushes can wind up in your pool and ultimately in your filtration system. Pools with automatic cleaning and filtration systems are a great help for keeping your pool clean even when leaves are actively falling into it daily. However, you want to be sure to empty your skimmer baskets frequently so your pool can function properly and to avoid any damage to your filtration system.

A heating
system helps extend your swim season.

Incorporating some form of heating system into your swimming
pool will give you a longer length of time to enjoy your pool each year. With
the ability to heat your pool, you can open your pool sooner and close your
pool later, while maintaining a comfortable water temperature your whole family
can enjoy. When it comes to heating your pool, you have the option of gas,
solar, or electric heat, so be sure to talk to a trusted pool professional
about which one is right for your pool design and lifestyle.

winterization is key.

Finally, properly closing or “winterizing” your pool at the
end of the season is very important for Central Pennsylvania pool owners in
order to preserve the beauty and quality of their pool. Proper winterization
also helps to ensure that when you go to open your pool at the start of a new
season, there are fewer possibly surprises like damage to the pool’s structure
or contaminated water. For pools with a more complex heating or filtration
system, or a custom cover, it may be wise to hire a professional pool company
to close your pool for you so you can rest assured that it is done thoroughly
and correctly.

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Tips for a Smooth and Enjoyable Pool Building Process

Designing and building a custom gunite swimming pool doesn’t
(and shouldn’t) be a stressful or drawn out process. When you find the right
pool company to meet your needs, it should actually be smooth and enjoyable! At
the end of it all, this experience should be a wonderful memory for you and your
family, made better only by the many years you’ll spend enjoying in your new
backyard oasis.

If you’re hesitant that a swimming pool project may be more
than you can handle, take a look at these tips for streamlining the process and
setting yourself up for a positive experience.

a clear vision for your pool, but stay open-minded.

It’s very helpful to begin the process by first understanding
your goals for your backyard space. How do you plan to use the pool? How many
people will you entertain on a usual day, and do you desire a space that can
ebb and flow to accommodate various numbers of guests? Websites like Houzz will
help to give you some ideas of possibilities and help you determine styles you
do and do not like.

The flip side of this coin is that while it’s great to have a
clear vision, you should also stay open-minded that certain things may need to
change to accommodate the size and shape of your backyard, your budget, and
restrictions based upon property lines or township requirements. A trusted pool
professional can help advise you on all of these things.

Begin the
process by doing your own research to start.

If you do an internet search for pool companies in your area,
you might be overwhelmed by the many options available to you. While an
internet search is a great starting point, you then need to narrow down your
results by doing further research. What type of pool are you looking to build?
What skills and qualifications are most important to you? Answering these
questions, and then doing your research on the companies who align with these
qualifications will help you identify the top two or three pool companies with
whom you should call and schedule a time to meet. This way, you’re not
overloading your schedule and possibly wasting your time with dozens of pool
companies who aren’t quite the best fit for your particular job.

Have your
initial meetings early.

Maybe you’ve only started to day dream about having your own
swimming. It’s not too early to talk to someone! If you feel confident that a
pool project is in your future, even in the next two to three years, it’s worth
having some initial conversations with potential pool companies.

First, these meetings will open your eyes as to what the pool
building process really entails; it will also help you get a ballpark figure
for the appropriate budget for your project. You will then have the information
you need to determine the direction and timeline of your project. Is this something
you want to pursue in the next 12 months, or is this now something you feel
like you want to wait on in order to better determine your design or save
toward your budget? The answer to this question and more are valuable things to
be gained from your initial meetings.

quality and customer service guide your selection process.

The pool company you ultimately select as you professionals
to design and build your pool will have a large impact on your experience with
the project. This is why doing your research and having initial meetings early
is so important for a smooth and enjoyable pool building process. To help guide
you toward the best selection for you, let quality and customer service guide
your decision. What company has the most experience building the type of pool
you desire? Do your personalities ‘mesh’ well? Remember, these are people you
will be working closely with over the course of the next year or more. When you
base your decision on quality and customer service, you are likely to find a
company who will deliver your expected results.

realistic about your project timeline.

Another tip for making any home project more enjoyable is to
be realistic about your project timeline. Things tend to take longer than we
would like them to. Managing your own expectations from the start will help
reduce stress or feeling like you’re behind, when really you’re right on track
by industry standards.

on major decisions, but don’t overthink it.

At various points in your pool project, you’ll be faced with
large decisions that will greatly impact the look and functionality of your
pool – not to mention the cost. While it’s important you take these decisions
seriously, don’t drag things out for weeks or months. Give yourself a few days
to reflect on your options, do some research, ask a trusted friend, and then
make your decision and move on. Not only will this help keep your project on
deadline, it will prevent you from overthinking things.

focused on your “why.”

Finally, keep your eye on the prize. The goal of your pool
project is to create a fun and welcoming space where you can relax and create
memories for years to come. There are many ways this can be achieved.
Throughout the building process there may be changes and challenges that will
cause you to adjust your initial plan. By staying focused on the “why” of your
project, you will keep a level head and a positive perspective.

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