When it comes time to break ground on your pool, is timing really everything? Many pool companies will agree that the time of year you choose to break ground will have a large impact on your pool building experience. Every season brings its own pros and cons to consider. Weather, demand for labor and when you’d ideally like to start using your pool are just a few of the factors to consider.

Let’s take a look, season by season, at the best (and worst) times to break ground on a pool in Central Pennsylvania. Regardless of when you choose to break ground on your pool, one thing’s for sure – you will wish you had done it sooner!


Spring is when most people prefer to break ground on their pool so that it’s finished in time to be used throughout all of summer that same year. In Pennsylvania, the ground is getting softer and so construction can be easier and more predictable than it is in the dead of winter. As you might imagine, because most people want to install their pool in the spring, pool companies are in high demand this time of year, often with schedules that are booked solid.
One of the battles that pool companies fight during the spring is the rain. Spring construction can sometimes be slow due to mud and saturated job sites. If you want to break ground on your pool in spring, our advice is to select your pool company and finalize your design well in advance of when you want to break ground. You will be able to select your desired start date and you will have enough time to fully work through the planning process and construction process to maximize your swim season.


Early to mid-summer is among the busiest times for pool companies who usually have their crew fully booked on multiple jobs. If you choose to break ground on your pool this time of year, you may struggle to find an available pool company, unless you have booked them well in advance. Additionally, pool construction can put your backyard out of commission for weeks or months. Summer is the time of year when people enjoy being outside in their backyard, so consider how this could impact your family’s activities.

On the flip side, if you wait until the end of summer, you may find that pool companies are eager to take on jobs to keep their crew working as their busy season winds down. While you may not get to fully enjoy your pool that same season, you will surely enjoy having it ready to go next summer!


The drawback to breaking ground on your pool in fall is obvious, you’ll need to wait until the following summer to fully enjoy this new investment. However, there are many other benefits you should consider. Starting your pool project in the fall is generally less stressful because you aren’t trying to hit the popular Memorial Day or Fourth of July party deadlines!

With weather that is usually drier than the spring, and cooler than the summer, a fall pool project also brings the opportunity to get all of your landscaping established and your grass re-planted and growing! Even though you may not get to dip into the pool in the fall, having everything done and ready to go on the first warm day of spring is a great option!


Breaking ground on a pool in winter, especially in Central Pennsylvania, can be challenging and offer little benefit to offset these challenges. Foremost, weather can impact breaking ground and may hold up construction. Even if you get your pool complete, the finishing touches, like landscaping will have to wait until the spring, making the project feel like it’s dragging on.

Unless there is a compelling reason to break ground on a pool in the winter months, we highly encourage customers to choose spring, summer or fall. Rather, winter is a great time to explore your dream pool design and to set other things in motion to make your vision a reality!

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