Owning and maintaining a gunite swimming pool is different from any other type of swimming pool. As you research swimming pool options for your backyard, you’ll come across the main types of swimming pools and the materials and processes required for each. When it comes to gunite, you’ll quickly see how the structure and aesthetics of the finished product are remarkably different than a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool.

At Aquavisions, we exclusively design and construct custom gunite swimming pools for very clear reasons. The unique benefits of a gunite swimming pool, compared to other types of swimming pools, fall into three main categories. Let us explain!

Structural Strength

Gunite is a blend of sand, cement and water that is applied with a high-pressure hose. Once it dries, gunite becomes rock hard, forming a thick, solid structure. To further increase its dependable strength, gunite swimming pools use steel bars to create its cage-like frame. Unlike a vinyl cover, gunite is not a material that will rip or tear, which can be very stressful and costly to repair. With a steel backbone and a concrete blend holding everything firmly together, it’s easy to see why a gunite pool is extremely durable.

Limitless Design

Gunite pools can be completely customized. Unlike a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool, with gunite pools you are never limited to any standard shapes or sizes. Every gunite pool is carefully laid out in your backyard starting with a hole and steel cage. During the design process, you can change the shape of your pool, tweaking it to exactly fit your backyard. You can create beach entries, sun decks, benches and nooks within your pool to perfectly fit your lifestyle. One of the main reasons we exclusively work with gunite is because every pool we design is custom and we want to offer our clients infinite possibilities for the size and shape of their swimming pool.

Aesthetic Quality

Another fantastic feature of gunite swimming pools is its visually appealing nature. As the gunite is blown over the steel cage, you can create flowing lines, various contours, depths and shapes that blend together seamlessly. Another reason why gunite swimming pools have premiere aesthetic quality is due to the interior finish. Cement mixed with marble dust is combined to create plaster that covers the pool to provide its finished coat and to waterproof the gunite. This smooth coating is what people see and feel when they are in the pool. The finished coat may also contain colored quartz aggregate, giving the pool added durability and brilliant color.

For many reasons, you can see why Aquavisions chooses to exclusively work with gunite to create our custom swimming pools. The finished product is beautiful, durable and able to stand the test of time. Do you have a question about custom gunite swimming pools? Let us help!