We promise – warmer weather is waiting right around the corner. And if you believe what Punxsutawney Phil said, you should be planning for an early spring. Regardless of the weather predictions of a groundhog, it’s not too soon to be thinking toward opening your swimming pool for the swim season. Take a look at a few pieces of advice we’d like to share to ensure this process is smooth and enjoyable for you.

Consider how soon you plan to use your outdoor space.

As you are trying to determine the right time to open your pool for the swim season, start by considering how you plan to use your outdoor space, and how soon. Think beyond your swimming pool. It’s likely you have hardscaping and patio space surrounding your pool, or a patio or deck you may wish to use in the spring months. The reason this is important is because you should consider whether you want to be looking at a covered pool, or an open pool during the late spring months which can be prime time to be outside. Even if you aren’t swimming quite yet, looking at an open people is arguably the better view.

There are benefits to being the early bird.

In Central Pennsylvania, it’s not likely you’ll be wanting to dive into a swimming pool in April – or much sooner. However, there are benefits to being among the first to open your swimming pool, even if it is a few weeks before that first swim of the season takes place. First, your pool company will thank you. Their schedules get incredibly full – and fast – as more and more people want to open their pools into May and early June. Offering to “go early” will ensure your pool gets open well ahead of swim season. An additional benefit is that this also gives your pool water time to acclimate. It will warm naturally as it’s exposed to the sun, even if the air isn’t very warm yet. This will save you on heating! Finally, you will have time to ensure all your pool’s chemicals are well balanced and everything is in working order so when you’re ready to dive in, nothing will hold you back.

Contact your pool company early.

No matter when you determine is the best time for you to open your pool for the swim season, once very important piece of advice is to contact your pool company early, if you plan to use them to open your pool. Other pool owners will be calling them as well, some as early as January or February! Why? Because everyone wants their pool opened when they want it opened, and they don’t want any surprises. To ensure you’re on your pool company’s schedule, contact them sooner than later. They will appreciate the ability to plan in advance.

Learn from one year to the next.

Finally, every year as a pool owner will teach you something new. Reflect on the timing of opening and closing your pool last year. Is there something you wish you did differently? Think like Goldilocks. If one year was too early, and one year was too late, consider how this year you can get it just right.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore the idea of building a swimming pool, or you’re looking for advice to better maintain the pool you own – let’s talk! Contact Aquavisions today for expert pool advice.