Swimming is one of the most popular summer pastimes, but what really makes this activity fun and memorable is the addition of a few key pool accessories. We’ve seen everything from novelty rafts and luxurious lounge chairs to games and gadgets that bring out the kid in us all.

This summer, a couple new pool accessories became the must-have item of the season – and for good reason! They’re fun, useful and pretty cool. If you’re looking for a way to add some new excitement to the remainder of your 2018 pool season, consider one of these trendy pool accessories!

Floating Mood Lights

If you’ve ever regretted not building more lighting into your pool, this accessory can help you instantly add additional mood lighting. These light up orbs float on the top of the water, slowing moving with the breeze. You can stick with one color or switch them up! With floating mood lights, you’ll enjoy your pool from a whole new view.

Pool Umbrella

Pool umbrellas have come a long way! The best trend right now is designing an umbrella into your pool. Many new pools now include a shallow sundeck where you can place lounge chairs. You can also build a small hole directly into the sundeck that allows for an umbrella to easy stick in. In an instant you have a nice shaded space. Or if you want sun, you can just as easily remove the umbrella altogether!


This pool toy is as funny as it sounds. It’s quite literally an inflatable bull you can ride in the pool. Like any pool float that’s challenging to get on, this toy will have everyone laughing as people try to stay upright. Friends can make it even more challenging for the rider by trying to throw them off balance! Click here to watch the Inflat-A-Bull in action in an Aquavisions pool!

Floating Stereo

One of the best pool accessories is one that provides entertainment! With a floating, water-proof stereo you can bring your music wherever you are in the pool. Whether you’re with a group of people or relaxing by yourself, music makes everything more fun. Best of all, investing in a floating stereo won’t cost you near as much as wiring a complete outdoor sound system!

Mermaid Fins

Whether you believe mermaids exist or not, you can still experience what it might be like to swim with a fin with this fun pool accessory. Mermaid tails were all the rage this summer, for both kids and adults. It’s easy to see why! Not only do they look pretty cool, they help you breeze through the water.

Floating Drink Holder

No one likes getting out of the pool and walking across the patio to get a cold beverage! With a floating drink holder, your drinks will always be nearby. While a floating cooler is not a necessarily “new” idea, some of the newer products on the market take things to a whole new level. With coolers shaped like pineapples, pirate ships and rainbows, you can get one that reflects your personality!


Emoji Floats

Last but not least, we have to mention emoji floats. We’re in full fledge emoji craze, so naturally these icons have made their way to pool accessories. You can have your pick of any number of emoji shaped floats from the traditional smiley face to pizza, unicorns, ice cream and more. Do you have a favorite emoji? There’s a good chance you can find it as a float for your pool!

Is your favorite pool accessory on this list? Or did we miss it? Chime in by sharing your favorite pool toy or game of the season!