Starting to dig on your new pool in the fall might seem counter-intuitive. After all, peak pool season has just come to an end and it will be at least 6 to 7 months before you would even want to think about swimming outside again.

However, there are some unique advantages of building your pool in the fall that you may not have considered. If you’re able to be flexible and patient with your pool project, here are several compelling reasons why you might consider a fall dig.

  1. Less competing projects means you get more attention.

Choosing to break ground on your pool outside of peak pool building season means there are less competing projects that could draw the focus away from your own. Your pool company and its contractors will have more availability in their schedule to dedicate time to your project, which could prevent delays in construction.

  1. You will almost certainly have your pool ready to open ahead of peak season.

If all goes as planned, and Mother Nature cooperates, it’s almost certain your pool will be one of the first pools ready to open in spring – well ahead of peak pool season. If you’re concerned about having your pool ready in time for a special family gathering or holiday, it’s a smart idea to consider breaking ground on your pool in the fall to split up construction and ensure a smooth opening, with time to spare.

  1. Construction costs will be spread out and more manageable.

Another benefit of breaking up your pool construction between the fall and spring months is that this also breaks up your construction costs. Once winter hits, your pool will be secured to endure the weather until it’s time to revisit the project in spring. During these months, you’ll also have the benefit of saving additional funds so that when it comes time to finish your project, you have more money to invest in upgrades or purchase pool furniture and toys.

  1. You have more time to complete hardscaping without setting back your pool project.

Similar to the point above, the time you gain in between the phases of construction will also help you with hardscaping. Most often it’s the hardscaping and landscaping around a pool that causes delays to the project. Your hardscaping and landscaping company will have ample time to complete their piece of the project, unlike the time constraints usually experienced when building a pool over peak season.

  1. Landscaping has time to mature.

By completing your hardscaping and landscaping in the fall and early winter, your plants will have time to take root and mature. Then when spring arrives, and your pool is complete, you will get to enjoy a backyard that looks fully finished.

  1. You can split up this major purchase over two tax years.

A final benefit of breaking ground on your pool in the fall is that part of the cost will apply to one tax year and the other part can be claimed your following tax year. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a partial tax deduction sooner, and by spreading it out over two years there could be additional benefits as well. Always speak to a trusted and experienced tax professional who can advise you of the tax law.

Have you considered adding a pool to your property? Let us help answer some of your questions and advise you of the best options to achieve the pool of your dreams! Contact us today to get started.