A common question people ask is when is the best time to begin the design process for their custom swimming pool. The answer is most always “right now.” It’s not a sales line, it’s the truth. The design process can take longer than most people anticipate, mostly because you don’t know exactly what you want until you start to see it come to life on paper.

Let’s take a look at the various reasons why starting the design process for your custom swimming pool is a smart thing to do early, even if you’re still exploring ideas and options.

It takes time to figure out what you really want.

When you’re embarking on a project as big and permanent as a swimming pool, you absolutely want to get things right the first time. You don’t want to have any regrets or wishes that you did something differently. For this reason, you want to get started designing your pool early so that you have ample time to think through your options and preferences.

Additionally, you might not even know what your options are or what is the right budget for your project until you talk with a pool professional who can help answer your questions. This offers a whole new perspective, and expertise.

You shouldn’t rush the process.

It’s important to not rush a project of this scale. Sure, it’s easy to get excited about swimming laps in your new pool, but it will be worth the (small) wait to ensure you get things right. By starting your design process as soon as you know you’re interested in building a pool, you avoid the pressure to rush the project. If you wait until you wanted your pool finished yesterday, this is more likely to be a stressful experience for you, when it certainly doesn’t have to be.

This gives you time to plan and save.

Another benefit of getting a head start on designing your custom pool is that you can stretch the process out as long as you need to in order to plan and save money. Pools are a significant investment and many people need to save for quite a while to build one. Once you have a design in the works, and know the range of budget for the project, you can plan and save accordingly.

You won’t regret starting too soon!

I don’t think you will talk to many people who will tell you that they wished they would have waited longer before building their pool. In fact, you’re most likely to hear the opposite. For all the fun and joy people get out of owning a swimming pool, you won’t ever feel like to started the design process too soon.

If you’re even curious about exploring your options for a custom swimming pool, take the “plunge” today and schedule your first meeting. There is nothing to be lost by gathering more information and seeing what designs might fit your space, preferences and budget. When you’re finally relaxing in your custom gunite swimming pool, you’ll have wished you started your planning process sooner!