When building a custom gunite swimming pool, you have so many options available to you to truly make it a pool customized to your exact wants. Size and shape are just the beginning! You will get to choose what features you want to include, like built in seating, ledges, steps, fire features, infinity edges, and more. Regardless of the combination of features you choose, there is one thing every pool owner will need to decide upon when building their swimming pool – and that’s its finishes!

Throughout the process of designing and building your swimming pool, selecting the finishes is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make. But don’t let this stress you out! The good news is that with the guidance of your professional pool company and the following tips, you’ll be well equipped to make smart and stylish choices. Here’s a look at a few considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting your pool’s finishes.

Look at the big picture.

When choosing the decorative tile border that will accent your pool, and the Pebble-Tec finish for the pool’s interior, you’ll want to see how these elements complement one another. Additionally, you want to keep in mind the color and style of your hardscaping that will also play into the big picture of your backyard space. While any one of these elements may look great alone, keep in mind that they will impact one another when they all come together in your pool area. Place samples of each piece side by side to visualize how they look together.

Take lighting into consideration.

When selecting your pool’s band of tile and interior finish, keep in mind that the colors will appear different in various degrees of lighting. Your pool will appear darker when it’s cloudy outside or when the sun is not directly overhead. Alternately, colors will appear brighter and lighter on sunny days. Consider the pattern of the sun in your backyard and also the look you want to achieve most of the time. While there will always be variation in lighting, you want to select the colors of finishes that work with the way the natural lighting is in your backyard the majority of the time.

Test out both the look and the feel.

The Pebble-Tec interior finish of your pool comes in 48 different colors, but also keep in mind that it has 3 different textures as well. You can drastically impact the feel of your pool, literally, by the type of texture you select. Some pool owners prefer a very smooth, glass-like finish, while others like extreme texture. Still others like something a little more in the middle. It’s great that Pebble-Tec offers a selection for this very reason! When looking at samples, you will likely be feeling the dry texture with your fingers. Remember that this will feel different when it’s wet and felt by your feet. If at all possible, try to find a pool with that finish so you can see it in water and feel it under foot. Another reason why you’ll want to see the finish when it is wet is because the color will darken up significantly, which is how it will look when the pool is filled with water.

Choose timeless over trendy.

Our final, and quite possibly most important tip is when selecting the finishes of your pool try to choose timeless over trendy. While there will certainly be ways to incorporate new trends and technology into other elements of your swimming pool, for the pool’s finishes, you want to aim for timeless. Why? Because you want to be as happy with the colors and textures of your finishes today as you will be 20+ years from now. If you go with a bold color now, it’s likely you’ll grow tired of it overtime. A more subtle or natural color will age well. You can always add pops of color in your pool’s accessories like umbrellas, patio furniture, pillows and towels. These are far easier and less expensive to change out over time. When it comes to your pool’s finishes, think long-term!

Do you have another question related to picking the right finishes for your pool? If you’re ready to begin design your dream backyard, give us a call today!