Just because your pool is closed and the weather has gotten colder, this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your pool area in a whole new way. Sure, you won’t be swimming (unless you’d like a polar plunge) but the hardscaped area is still fully functional and can be enjoyed in the late fall through spring. Keep reading to find inspiration for ways to enjoy your pool space in the winter.

Add a fire pit or outdoor heating

Built-in fire pits, fire tables, fireplaces, and heat lamps are wonderful additions to a pool space and make it enjoyable even when the colder temps set in. These features can be added as you build your pool or later down the line, depending upon what you prefer and your budget. With an outdoor heat source, you can enjoy your backyard with family and friends as you roast marshmallows or simply prop up your feet (even snow boots) near the warmth.

Use your outdoor kitchen

If you included an outdoor kitchen as part of your pool project, then you’re well set to enjoy this year-round. You may need to bundle up when you hit the grill, but the delicious taste of your favorite grilled foods will bring back all those warm memories of summertime. If you have a heat source near your outdoor eating area, you can also dine out there when the weather isn’t too wicked. Be sure to offer your guests some blankets to make it cozy!

Relax in the pool house

We realize not everyone has a pool house to go with their pool, but if you’re among the lucky few – get out there! Whether fully enclosed or open to the air, a pool house provides shelter from the cold and snow while giving you the full view of the season’s beauty. Bundle up, bring some heat, and enjoy a cocktail while feeling like you’re on a mini-vacation!

Use the hardscaping for lawn games

If you’ve chosen to surround your pool with hardscaping, this is a great space for some lawn games now that much of the pool furniture is in storage. Bring out the corn-hole, mega Jenga, and anything else you would normally enjoy at a tailgate and create your own tailgate-like atmosphere. We need it more than ever with most traditional tailgating not taking place this fall!

Build a snowman!

And finally, especially for pool owners up north, you can enjoy your pool area in the winter by simply having fun with the snow! What more funny and ironic photo can you get than that of a snowman chilling by a swimming pool? Put a clever caption on that and it’s social media gold!

How do you enjoy your pool space year-round? Leave us a comment to share in the fun!