With the New Year comes new trends and ideas. 2018 is sure to inspire us and challenge us to design custom swimming pools that turn backyard dreams into beautiful, usable spaces. Take a look at a few of the top pool trends we expect to gain popularity in 2018.

Quality Over Quantity

In a day and age where information is available at the touch of a button and almost instantaneously, clients still prefer, and actively seek out contractors that will give them a very personal experience through the design and build process. When designing a pool, Customers want less of the “Big Box” store style and more of the “craft beer” or “boutique cafe” feel. With more choices and options available than ever before, people want to work with a contractor that knows their craft and can create something uniquely tailored to their client’s vision, lifestyle and budget.

Seamless Design

A big trend in swimming pools right now is designing the pool to be a natural extension of your home and landscape. Gone are the days when you were limited to a standard rectangular pool placed smack dab in the middle of the yard! Custom gunite swimming pools can quite literally take any shape and can incorporate a vast array of materials to create another “room” outdoors. If designed well, the pool will nestle seamlessly into your backyard, creating a retreat that feels like it was meant to be there.

Infinity/Waterfall Edges

Another trend that models itself after nature are infinity edges (also called waterfall edges, vanishing edges, or negative edges). You’ve likely seen photos of these beautiful pools where they appear to be a part of the landscape. Often the infinity edge drops off to make the pool seem like it is an extension of an ocean or lake in front of it. But even if your pool is not near another body of water, this trend takes the traditional backyard pool to a whole new level. You will feel like you are vacationing at a tropical resort every time you step outside.

Tanning Ledges and Sun Decks

Tanning ledges, also called sun decks or beach entries, are all the rage in swimming pools because they create a relaxing space where you can lay on a chair in the sun while enjoying just the right amount of water below you to keep you cool. Unlike floating around on a raft in the pool, this keeps you stationary and is a lot more convenient to get in and out of! These ledges are also great for small children who may just want to sit and splash in shallow water.

Fire Features

Another “hot” trend is the combination of fire and water. Now more than ever we are incorporating fire features into our pool designs. The fire adds ambience to the evening and night hours, giving your pool a whole new attraction once the sun goes down. Fire bowls can be placed on ledges around the pool, or we can design a fire pit in or near your pool. You can also add an outdoor fireplace with seating areas for a more formal approach. There are countless ways to incorporate this trend into your backyard!

Intimate Spaces

More and more people want to create intimate spaces within their backyards. No matter the size of your yard, you can find different ways to create smaller spaces that welcome people in for conversation and relaxation. When designing your pool, keep in mind that the shape of the pool and the placement of benches and ledges within it greatly impacts how people use the space. You can also create conversation spaces with the placement of furniture, fire pits and tables near your pool. You will get so much more use out of your pool and backyard when you divide it into small, more intimate spaces!

With all of these new trends to inspire your dream pool design, there is one important question that remains. What 2018 pool trend would you want most in YOUR backyard?