There are different pool companies that serve very different needs. A company’s size, specialties, experience and scope of work will ultimately attract a unique clientele that it can best serve. Some people have a very specific vision for their pool that can only be created by a certain pool company with the experience and resources to do so. Other people may desire a simple and straightforward pool project that requires less specific skills.

No matter your budget or “must-have” features for a pool, inevitably there will be certain things that require compromise. However, you should never have to compromise on quality or customer service. If you’re searching for the right pool company to build your dream pool, be sure you look for these five signs that you’ve found someone who will provide you with a high quality product and exceptional customer service.

  1. They are responsive

Foremost you want to work with a professional pool company who is quick to respond to your questions or requests. You shouldn’t be left waiting weeks or longer to get the information you need to make decisions or solve an issue. Especially if your situation is urgent, you want to be confident that your pool company is ready to respond and help fix things so you can spend more time enjoying your pool.

At Aquavisions, we pride ourselves on be easily accessible to our customers. This starts with the pool design process and carries through project completion into regular maintenance. Every project we complete has a designated project manager who remains in direct communication with the customer to ensure their needs are met and they are kept informed of progress.

  1. They Listen

In addition to being responsive, you want to look for a pool company who listens carefully to your wants and concerns. It can be frustrating if you feel like you’re running around in circles and not coming any closer to a pool design you love. This is often the result of ineffective communication between you and your pool company. Finding a company who really “gets you” will save you a lot of time and headache in the future.

Our team of pool professionals understands how important it is to listen to our clients early and often in the pool design process. We love when we can “hit the nail on the head” with a design without it taking rounds and round of editing and back and forth. This is most commonly because of carefully listening to what clients are telling us they want, even if it’s simply describing how they want the space to “feel” or showing us a few inspiration photos. This is all we need to connect the dots!

  1. They are knowledgeable

The best pool companies have grown a successful business because they are experts in their field. They have substantial industry knowledge and they stay on top of emerging trends and technologies. In your search for a pool company, be sure you’re evaluating the knowledge of the person you’re working with. How in depth is their advice? Do they give you options and explain each clearly to you? You want to be sure you work with someone who has a vast understanding of pools as well as access to resources that can help you overcome even the most interesting challenges with your pool design.

  1. They are respected by clients and other industry professionals

You can tell a lot about a pool company by the way other industry professionals, and their own customers talk about their experience working with them. At Aquavisions, we are honored to produce award winning projects that are recognized by industry organizations nearly every year. In 2018 we attended the Northeast Spa & Pool Association’s Outstanding Achievement Awards where we received the following awards: Gold Award/Judge’s Best of Competition; Gold Award/People’s Choice Best of Competition; Silver Award; and Merit Award. But the biggest award we receive are testimonials from satisfied customers who share the many ways their new pools are enhancing their lives!

  1. They do what they say they will do – and go beyond!

Lastly, you should look for a pool company who consistently delivers what they promise, on-time and as expected. If you run into situations where this does not happen, especially early on in your relationship, it’s a red flag of more trouble that may be yet to come. You want to have complete confidence in your pool company’s capabilities and the promises they make. Additionally, you don’t want to settle for the bare minimum. Look until you find a pool professional who doesn’t just meet your expectations, but works hard to exceed them!

Are you currently trying to decide what pool company will best meet your needs? While searching, be sure to keep a lookout for these signs of a quality pool company!